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Jessie James Decker shares a throwback baby bump pic in a white crop top and tiny shorts

Jessie James Decker
Jessie James Decker shared a throwback where she sported a white crop top and tiny shorts with her baby bump. Pic credit: ©

Jessie James Decker recently shared a beautiful picture of her baby bump from years past. The singer’s white crop top and brief shorts exposed her big belly against a serene backdrop of water glowing from the sun.

This photo from her Instagram feed is when she was pregnant with her baby boy Eric, now seven years old. How time flies!

Eric is the second child born to Jessie and her husband Eric Decker. Their first child is daughter Vivianne Rose, and Forrest Bradley is their youngest son.

Jessie’s long hair frames her face beautifully as she looks out over the water. It almost appears as if she were gazing into the future.

Jessie commented, “That’s my sweet boy Bubby in there. Tomorrow, our beautiful blue-eyed boy turns 7.”

A picture speaks so many words and this one of Jessie showing her baby bump doesn’t disappoint.

Jessie James Decker is celebrating motherhood

Jessie has celebrated motherhood on other occasions as well.

Just this past May, another Instagram post shared by Monsters and Critics captured Jessie, a mom of three, showing off a massive bump while enjoying a beach moment as she expected her third child.

This opened a heartwarming gallery of images showing her motherhood journey over the years. From pregnancies to raising children, these photos show it all.

This day at the beach seems to be something the whole family can enjoy.

Jessie is all about having fun with her family and honoring them as she recently enjoyed time at the MLB at Field of Dreams baseball game.

Jessie James Decker sang the national anthem before the Field of Dreams game

Country singer Jessie sang the national anthem Thursday evening, August 11, 2022, before the first pitch. This is not the first time the country singer impressed fans with her rendition of this patriotic song.

Jessie sang the National Anthem at the February 26th, 2022, Stadium Series between the Nashville Predators and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

This popular song holds a lot of significance for Jessie. “I think about my dad, uncles, cousins, grandfathers who fought in the Vietnam war. I think about how my grandfather paw Tim would ask me to sing this song for him every time I saw him and how he would make me turn the other way to sing it so he could weep and cry as hard as he wanted because it meant so much to him,” the singer previously revealed.

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