Jessie James Decker shares a look at the latest items to hit Kittenish Swim

Jessie James Decker poses on the red carpet.
Jessie James Decker showed off her famous figure in a bikini as she promoted Kittenish. Pic credit: ©

Despite the continuing chilly and wild weather in most of the country, summer is just around the corner, and Jessie James Decker has been making sure that her brand is fully stocked with the latest and greatest beach-worthy items ahead of the warmer months.

The country singer and mother-of-three, who will be turning 35 on April 12, has been upping her online game lately as she not only posts to her personal social media page but also does her own modeling for her Kittenish brand’s site.

In the latest post shared by the label, Jessie looked as sensational as always as she sported a variety of stunning bikinis and two pieces to ring in spring and announce the arrival of new items to Kittenish.

Going with a black-and-white video clip, Jessie started things off with a twirl as she spun around in an oversized button-down shirt to show off the ruffled bikini she wore underneath.

Showing a cut figure in the wear, Jessie let her freshly cut locks fly behind her as she smiled at the lens and held her arms out wide for her spin.

The quick-moving clip showed enough to let viewers see the bikini had a checkered patterning, though, of course, the stark hues did not allow followers to get visibility of the color of the suit.

Jessie James Decker sizzles in skimpy bikinis

The video switched to a shot of Jessie covering her bare upper body skin with a sunhat as she showed off her ripped abs in comfortable-looking lounge pants.

Snapping back to the original two-piece, Jessie turned her back to the camera to show the bikini’s fun style, also giving a peek at the snazzy knee-high boots that adorned her feet.

Cutting rapidly from shot to shot as she continued wearing the same swimwear, the video then moved into Jessie modeling a totally different ensemble.

The singer rocked a stunning new two-piece, with the top resembling more of a crop top than a bikini top as she leaned back on a patio chair while wearing a fun cowboy hat.

“Are you ready for this?! ? NEW SWIM COMING THIS THURSDAY (12 pm CST) mark your calendars!” she captioned the post.

As Jessie likely got her fans running to jot down the day and time they could enjoy the exciting new products, the singer has proven that she knows how to handle her online business with ease and success.

Jessie opened up with Forbes last year about the inspiration behind her brand and how she has managed to keep it running while maintaining a hectic musical career at the same time.

Steal The Style

Get Jessie’s ruffle bikini look

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Jessie looks stunning in her new swimwear promo for Kittenish! While the black and white shot doesn’t give much away, Jessie shared other photos which revealed that the bikini she wore was a neutral beige color, so, as her suit isn’t available to shop yet, we hunted for something similar so you can steal her style.

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Jessie James Decker talks about Kittenish

Chatting with the magazine in December, Jessie shared that the idea for a clothing line came to her when she was a teenager and a woman in a clothing store called her “kittenish.”

After inquiring about the meaning of the word and being told it meant “playful, spunky, cute, and kind of sexy,” Jessie said she immediately went home to write down the word and promised herself she would one day have a store by the same name.

Years later and with a budding musical career under her belt, Jessie admitted she had completely forgotten about her childhood dreams until she started getting attention from her social media followers, as many wondered where she got her various outfits.

“All I was doing was wearing flannels, bandanas, cut-offs, and boots,” Jessie explained.

“The thought came: ‘Why don’t I create these pieces instead of wearing these things from different stores?’ I could just create them myself.”

Jessie said she then reached out to a clothing store that is no longer in existence to see if they would be willing to let her sell some items in a small capsule.

The store agreed, and Jessie’s ensembles sold out so rapidly that she realized she could expand into her own “brick and mortar” store, choosing her hometown of Nashville as the base for her first shop.

Kittenish quickly became a sensation, and Jessie opened up three more stores around the country.

“The design of the store was a total brainchild,” she shared of her Nashville shop, adding that, at the time, there were no other stores like hers around the area, and she felt she was able to be a trailblazer in the fashion industry while achieving her dream.

“I was paying for it and I wanted the store to look like what I wished my bedroom could have looked like in high school, a teen dream of all the people I admired, to my favorite music going, to Sex and the City and Friends clips playing in the background, stickers, and phrases that pump you up that say: ‘damn you look good, go girl.’ I wanted it to feel like a true experience to the point where people don’t want to leave,” she said of her personal vision.

Jessie said that, while her current stores are clearly doing phenomenally well, she has hopes to expand into more cities while humbly admitting that she and her husband, Eric Decker, are “still learning” how to be the best owners possible.

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