Jessie James Decker reveals whether she gets Botox and fillers

Jessie James Decker on the red carpet.
Jessie poses on the red carpet at the American Music Awards held at the Microsoft Theatre L.A. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Country sensation Jessie James Decker is opening up about altering her appearance with cosmetic interventions.

Many celebrities go under the knife and/or the needle in an effort to enhance their look.

Although many stars in the public eye don’t cop to the work they’ve had done, Jessie was transparent with her fans and followers during a recent Q&A and admitted to the procedures she has done to stay looking beautiful.

Jessie opened up her DMs to her 4.2 million followers this week, prompting them to ask her questions.

One of the first questions Jessie answered came from a fan who asked the 35-year-old stunner, “Do you get lip filler?”

Jessie replied, along with a gorgeous selfie. In the photo, Jessie’s hair was slicked back, and her makeup was impeccable, with defined brows, flirty lashes, and a beautiful shade of coral on her plump pout.

Jessie James Decker admits to getting Botox and lip fillers

“I have a couple times over the years!” Jessie admitted. “It’s been almost 2 years since I did it last. It stays for sure.”

Jessie added that she had “pretty good” lips before injecting dermal filler into her lips, but she prefers the fuller appearance that injections provide, especially on her top lip.

jessie james decker talks about getting lip filler in her instagram story
Jessie dishes on getting lip filler. Pic credit: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

“I think they did a natural job,” Jessie noted.

Another one of Jessie’s curious fans asked whether she also gets Botox injections.

Jessie shared another selfie with her answer, this time posing from her car for the gorgeous shot. Jessie wore her hair down in a voluminous style with a side part, sporting bronzy makeup and a pretty pink shade on her lips.

The mom of three replied to the question, “Yes but I’m not a consistent Botox bae. Maybe couple times a year.”

jessie james decker talks about getting Botox in her instagram story
Jessie admits that she gets Botox. Pic credit: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

The cookbook author continued, saying that she doesn’t “loveeeee” the way it looks on her at times, although it can help her achieve a “refreshed” look and help soften the glabellar lines, or “11s,” between her brows.

Not only does Jessie use Botox for wrinkles, but she also gets the neurotoxin injected in her underarms to help with perspiration.

“I do love [Botox] for my sweaty pits tho,” Jessie added. “I do that every 3 months or ya girl would be sweating thru tops ?.”

It’s evident that Jessie has found the perfect combination of Botox and fillers, judging by her appearance. The superstar manages to look stunning, despite her packed schedule between her singing career, running her Kittenish boutique, and authoring cookbooks, all while raising her three children with her husband, Eric Decker.

Aside from cosmetic treatments, Jessie is adamant about staying in shape. Although she’s booked and busy, Jessie makes time to incorporate exercise into her day.

Jessie dishes on making exercise a priority

Jessie doesn’t abide by any certain fitness trend, just good, old-fashioned hard work. She prefers some cardio and light weight-lifting to maintain her jaw-dropping physique.

“Carve out 30 to 45 minutes of time. At the end of the day, 45 minutes is really not that much of your time,” Jessie told CMT. In addition, Jessie urges others to carve out the time and not make excuses.

“I don’t love the excuses people provide, ‘I don’t have time to work out,’ or ‘I don’t need it,'” Jessie added. “You have time to get a good workout in. Just do it.”

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