Jessie James Decker is ‘extra extra’ to promote Kittenish basics

Jessie James Decker at the 2018 American Music Awards
Jessie poses on the red carpet at the Microsoft Theatre in L.A. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Jessie James Decker is starting off 2023 with a bang as she continues to promote her Kittenish brand and look sensational in the process.

The country music superstar knows how to market herself, and her latest Kittenish campaign is proof.

Posed inside a door frame for her latest photoshoot, Jessie leaned against the entrance as she stared into the distance, looking as gorgeous as ever.

Jessie donned a plunging bra with spaghetti straps in a beautiful shade of blue paired with matching French-cut panties.

The petite stunner’s curves and trim waistline took center stage in the ad, showing off the hard work she puts in at the gym and in the kitchen.

The 34-year-old opted for muted makeup tones, allowing her natural beauty to shine through. Her brows were perfectly shaped, and her skin absolutely glowing.

Jessie James Decker in bra and panties invites fans to ‘read all about it’

Jessie wore her brunette hair parted in the center and down in loose waves, sporting a delicate choker-length necklace and her wedding ring as the only accessories.

She held a newspaper in her hands, and the caption appropriately read, “She ‘extra extra’ read all about it ? @kittenish ‘Basics’ are back Thursday ✨ New colors, soft, supportive, sexy and cozy ? Which color / style are you excited about?”

Kittenish customers will surely be flocking to the site later this week to check out the brand’s updated line of intimates after seeing how fabulous Jessie looks in them.

Jessie promises fans more pics to promote Kittenish Basics

Hot on the heels of her 2022 The Woman I’ve Become tour, Jessie has been in full-on promotion mode, plugging Kittenish every chance she gets. On Tuesday, she took to her Instagram Stories to record from her bed and tell her 4.2 million followers to expect even more bra and panties photos.

“Listen, I’m gonna be posting a lot of pictures of me in our Basics, and it just looks like I’m just thirsty-trappin’ every day,” Jessie said with a laugh.

She continued, “But, they’re panties and bras, and I like, want you guys to see what they look like on, and they’re super cute, and we did a good campaign. So just know there’s gonna be a lot coming. Um, but I mean, it’s just so you can see what it looks like on.”

Jessie’s fans likely aren’t complaining that she’s promoting her brand, either. The 5-foot-1 bombshell has an incredible body, and she isn’t afraid to show off what she works hard to maintain.

Jessie’s sensational physique is compliments of her balanced lifestyle

Speaking with CMT in May 2022, Jessie said that a 30-45 minute workout is all it takes to stay in tip-top shape. “Carve out 30 to 45 minutes of time. At the end of the day, 45 minutes is really not that much of your time,” she shared with the outlet.

Not a fan of excuses to get out of working out, Jessie added, “You have time to get a good workout in. Just do it. There are YouTube videos that I will watch. There’s such a variety.”

For Jessie, it’s all about balance, and her workout routine and diet are clearly working. Although she is dedicated to staying in shape and maintaining her enviable curves, she also likes to kick back and indulge with a glass of wine and the occasional not-so-healthy food options.

Jessie has shared her love of cooking in her cookbooks, Just Jessie and Just Feed Me. She also runs a Just Feed Me Instagram account where she shares some of the quick and easy, but also healthy, recipes from her two-time New York Times best-selling cookbook.

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