Jessie James Decker in stunning photo share doesn’t know what’s going on

Jessie James Decker at the AMAs.
Jessie James Decker showed some skin while lounging in pajamas and an unzipped hoodie behind the scenes. Pic credit: © BirdieThompson/Admedia 

Jessie James Decker showed her fans that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes when she is preparing for big events.

The brunette country singing sensation, who recently enjoyed a solid run on this season’s Dancing with the Stars before being eliminated, shared some peeks at her glam preparation process.

Managing to look stunning even in her most relaxed attire, Jessie gave off chill vibes as she perched on a salon chair as stylist Rick Henry tweaked her enviable tresses.

Bringing a pink can of Paloma-flavor Mamitas hard seltzer to her lips, Jessie glanced sideways at the camera, leaving her mouth open slightly for added seduction as Rick fluffed strands of her hair.

Jessie rocked a flowy shirt with long sleeves on her top, with the buttons left undone and only a hint at a possible bra visible underneath.

Although it was clear that Jessie was in mid-styling, she appeared to already have her makeup done as her lashes were highlighted with mascara and her mouth had a mauve tint to it.

Jessie James Decker sizzles in an unzipped hoodie

In her next behind-the-scenes glimpse, Jessie brought her typical A-game to the snap, reminding fans just why she continues to keep them coming back for more.

Looking to be in mid-ready mode, Jessie gazed demurely at the lens while propped on what seemed to be the same salon chair, the black-and-white linen shirt she wore in the first photo now hanging over the back.

Jessie donned a gray sweatshirt, adding some flirt to the atmosphere by leaving the zipper halfway undone to show off a snippet of her chest.

Her hair was up in a series of massive curlers, adding some levity to the post.

The singer dotted the rest of her post with shots of what she looked like after her prep time, giving followers what they have come to expect from their favorite star as she went with a royal blue minidress with a halter-style strap and matching blue gloves.

Another snap made it clear that Jessie had been getting gussied up to make a splash at the Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) Country Music Awards 2022, with the singer posing on the red carpet in one pic.

As Jessie continues to maintain her incredible figure and forever seems to stay impossibly toned, the star has not been shy about sharing her exercise habits with her fan base.

Jessie James Decker trains with F45 fitness

In August, while enjoying touring across the country to perform for her adoring masses, Jessie ensured that she also got her sweat on while on the road.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Jessie hit up one of her favorite gyms in Indianapolis F45 Training, where she got right to work keeping her amazing figure tight and lean.

Sharing a snippet of her workout on Instagram, Jessie could be seen wearing a backward baseball hat with a messy ponytail poking out the bottom of the bill.

Matching her black-and-gray-striped sports bra with her spandex pants, Jessie looked to be doing some deep breathing while pumping iron, one arm hoisting a weight above her head while the other went off-camera out to her side.

Jessie James Decker works out with Peloton

In another clip shared to her social media page later in the fall, Jessie showed fans that she also enjoys hopping on the exercise bike to get her heart rate up.

Going head-to-head with trainer Denis Morton, Jessie got her bicycle skills honed as she and the Peloton instructor went on a stationary race while filming a promo clip for the infamous company.

Sporting a bouncy, wavy, high ponytail and spandex attire, Jessie listened to Denis coach her on how to present herself for the video segment, with the singer quickly picking up on the tips as she flashed brilliant smiles at the lens and pedaled her legs.

Jessie shared that the exercise video would be released the next day, much to her fans’ delight.

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