Jessie James Decker goes makeup-free to show off chopped locks

Jessie James Decker poses at the CMAs.
Jessie James Decker showed off a refreshing new bob after getting a haircut. Pic credit: ©

Spring is on the horizon, and Jessie James Decker has made sure to be as prepared as possible for warmer weather ahead.

The 34-year-old singer freshened up her signature look with a new hairdo, going for a drastic chop to her usually-lengthy locks.

Taking to her social media page to share her chic switch-up, Jessie looked gorgeous as she went makeup-free, showing off her flawless features and letting her natural complexion shine.

Going first with a stunning still of herself, the mother of three and wife to football player Eric Decker seemed relaxed and satisfied with her cut as she flopped one arm over her head and let her tresses hang loose.

“Let’s just keep it simple✂️,” she captioned the shot, proving that she doesn’t need makeup in order to steal the show.

A gray pajama-like top adorned her torso as Jessie snapped the pic from what seemed to be the inside of her car, a giant ring decorating one finger and a dainty necklace around her neck.

Jessie James Decker shows off her fresh haircut

In another post, Jessie gave fans a better look at her hair as she went for a short video clip to really give a good view of how bouncy and fun her cut was.

Making even her bulky sweatshirt look glamorous, Jessie stood underneath a hanging candle chandelier, fluffing her strands with her fingers as she turned her head from side to side to allow multiple angles to be seen.

More chandeliers ran along the ceiling behind her, and a mirror at her back let fans see a new angle of how much the singer had taken off.

For her second video, Jessie let her beauty shine with subtle hints of makeup, this time using light-catching and blurring touches of highlighter and foundation to elevate her vibe.

While Jessie might be more well-known for her musical career, fans might argue that she is just as famous for her clothing line Kittenish.

Jessie James Decker founded Kittenish in 2014

Using her Instagram page to share updates not only on her musical endeavors and family life but also about her brand, Jessie has retained her standing as one of the most active social media celebrities out there.

The singer often promotes Kittenish by either modeling new attire herself or filling fans in on upcoming sales and new drops.

According to the website’s About tab, Kittenish was founded by Jessie in 2014, with the singer saying, “I was waiting for the perfect moment and opportunity, as far as location goes, and a spot opened up in The Gulch, and spots never open up in The Gulch. I was like, ‘That is it. That is the spot.’ That was a sign that it was time.”

Jessie’s label gives the populace the opportunity to buy a wide range of items, from bras and underwear to fancier dresses and gowns.

With Valentine’s Day still fresh on people’s minds, the website currently lists a special tab of Jessie’s favorite items from her love day collection, with many of them now on sale.

The cowgirl-inspired Tatum Mae Fringe Leather Jacket usually sells for $60 but is on sale for $36, while the matching Tatum Mae Leather Pants are currently down from $64 to $38.

Other items in Jessie’s Valentine’s favorite section that are not on sale include the blush-colored Kittenish Dallas Hoodie for $56, the Sugar and Spice Women’s Sequin Dress and Headband for $64, and the Lilac Cropped Bra Tank for $34.

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