Jessie James Decker gets ready for the Kittenish swim launch

Jessie James Decker smiling
Jessie James Decker updated her fans about the newest swimsuits coming soon to Kittenish. Pic credit: ©

Jessie James Decker has been on a roll lately as she prepares for her clothing brand’s swimwear launch ahead of spring.

For the second time in a day, Jessie took time out of her already-hectic schedule to promote her Kittenish line while also showing off her famously-fit body by modeling the suits herself.

In her recent share, Jessie donned three stunning swimsuits to talk up the Kittenish swim collection, which is set to hit the website sometime today.

Starting off sitting on a kitchen counter with white bowls and clear glasses on a shelf behind her, Jessie looked as toned as ever in a gorgeous, deep turquoise, strapless bikini set.

The top sported a cinched middle with a circular opening at her sternum tied off on top with two thin strings, while the bottoms angled downward with slight ruching making up the style.

The second shot showed a very fun, peppy suit in a floral pattern, bringing major summer vibes.

Jessie James Decker wears stunning new swimsuits for Kittenish

Although the second suit was a one-piece, the design ensured that even though more skin was covered, the wearer would still feel just as sensual as they would if they were rocking a bikini.

With a white background and a paisley-like pattern going across the entire suit, Jessie modeled the garment with ease.

She made sure to pose so that the two different shoulder straps were visible, with one being a thin string and the other a wider strap like typical one-pieces.

For her final share, Jessie stretched out on a white mat set on top of a wooden deck, soaking up the sunshine in a bubblegum-pink two-piece.

“Our much anticipated [Kittenish] SWIM collection is officially live tomorrow!!!!!” she captioned the shot when she posted last night.

“Get ready sweet cheeks! Set your clocks 12c!!” the post concluded to let fans know when to hop online to grab their favorites.

As Jessie continues to experience massive success with Kittenish, followers may want to know more about just how the country crooner came up with the line.

Jessie James Decker talks about how she founded Kittenish

Speaking with Forbes, Jessie opened up about her brand and explained how she came up with the fun moniker.

“I remember I heard the word kittenish when I was in a dressing room trying on a little black dress that was probably a little too grown for me, and a woman said, ‘you are so kittenish.’ And I was like, ‘what’s kittenish?’ and she explained: ‘it’s playful, spunky, cute, and kind of sexy,” she explained.

“I was fifteen and I remember liking the word, so I wrote it down and saved it, and told myself that I was going to have a clothing line one day, and it was going to be called Kittenish,” she shared.

She went on to describe the company’s humble beginnings. She admitted that she had even forgotten about her teenage dream until she found fame with her singing career, which led to fans wanting to know exactly what she was wearing so they could buy the same items.

Jessie took a few sets to a local store and convinced them to let her sell them in a capsule. When the items sold nearly instantly, Jessie knew it was time to expand.

“[The first store] opened in Nashville and what’s interesting is that my old financial advisor told me I would be lucky to break even for the year, but what I made that first month was quadruple of what that person thought I would make that year,” Jessie divulged “We sold all of our inventory that first weekend, I mean everything.”

Following the immediate success of her brick-and-mortar stores, Jessie took her brand online in 2019 and the rest is history.

Fans will assuredly be chomping at the bit to see more of the Kittenish swimsuits that will be hitting the web today, aside from the three Jessie modeled in her recent post.

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