Jessie James Decker gets flirty in a black bodysuit and miniskirt

Red carpet Jessie James Decker
Jessie was a stunner in a bodysuit and skirt to promote her brand. Pic credit: © Farr/AdMedia

Jessie James Decker turned up the heat as she modeled a bodysuit and miniskirt, showcasing her famous legs.

The country music superstar not only has an impressive set of pipes but a killer body to match.

As the founder of the playful clothing line, Kittenish, Jessie often models her brand’s collections on Instagram and did just that to show her fans and followers just how incredible she looks as she got “flirty” in a fun yet sexy outfit.

Jessie got ready in an IG Reel, standing before the camera wearing nothing but a bodysuit and black booties, highlighting her tanned and toned legs.

She layered her look by adding Kittenish’s tan plaid She’s a Flirt Miniskirt and a black leather jacket to her Stay Simple Black Mockneck Bodysuit from her brand. Jessie spun around to show her fans the back of her outfit before adding a pair of chic black sunglasses and a matching black handbag to top off her look.

Jessie struck several poses, flouncing her loose brunette waves and placing one hand on her hip for a fun and flirty vibe.

The Kittenish post was captioned, “Get Jessie’s look while you still can!” and included the pieces Jessie wore in the video.

Kittenish customers and Jessie’s fans took to the comments section of the Reel, where many of them gushed over the brunette beauty’s legs.

Jessie James Decker’s fans gush over the brunette beauty’s legs

“We all love a good Wednesday adams song & black jacket ??? Butttt your legs are just goals!!!” wrote one of Jessie’s admirers.

Another penned, “I’ll buy whatever as long as I get that leg workout.”

jessie james decker's fans gush over her shapely legs in the comments of an Instagram post
Pic credit: @kittenish/Instagram

“Teach me how to get those legs!!!!!!” another follower begged.

Jessie prioritizes health and fitness to stay in tip-top shape

So, how exactly does Jessie maintain her shapely legs? The 34-year-old mom of three spoke with CMT in May 2022 and revealed her workout routine.

“I went to the gym for 30 minutes, and I ran a mile in Napa. I lifted some weights, and that’s it,” Jessie shared. She noted that she makes time in her busy schedule to prioritize exercise.

“Carve out 30 to 45 minutes of time. At the end of the day, 45 minutes is really not that much of your time,” Jessie added.

The New York Times best-selling author and cooking aficionado doesn’t let people off the hook, either, when it comes to claiming they don’t have enough time to work out.

“I don’t love the excuses people provide [like], ‘I don’t have time to work out,’ or, ‘I don’t need it.’ You have time to get a good workout in. Just do it. There are YouTube videos that I will watch. There’s such a variety,” Jessie told the outlet.

Although Jessie puts her health and fitness first, she also doesn’t shy away from indulging and enjoying herself. It’s all about balance for the superstar.

“Sweat it out! Put in the work! I work out hard so I can eat good and enjoy my wine ? all about balance sweet cheeks!” she told her fans in a 2021 Instagram Reel.

Jessie’s stint during Season 31 of Dancing with the Stars also helped the singer/songwriter get into the best shape of her life. She also incorporates Mark Wahlberg‘s F45 Training into her lifestyle while she’s on the road, using the program to sculpt and tone her physique.

The petite beauty continues to impress her fans with her work-life balance, tackling being a full-time wife and mom, performing for her fans on stage, running a successful clothing business, and sharing her love of cooking with her millions of followers on social media.

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