Jessie James Decker enjoys donuts in her undies for latest Kittenish promo

Jessie James Decker poses at an awards show.
Jessie James Decker continued her social media domination as she posed in her underwear while munching on donuts. Pic credit: ©

Jessie James Decker keeps working on her brand promotions as she also shows off her famously-fit body.

The star has been extra busy on her social media site lately following the end of her nearly-year-long worldwide tour as she returns to her fashion roots and reminds her fans about her clothing label.

Kicking things off with a fun snap of herself beaming widely while reaching up to stack white dishes, Jessie looked as sensational as always while rocking a white crop top and matching white underwear.

Leaving her signature locks down in swirling ringlets around her shoulders, the Should Have Known Better singer and mother of three, showed off her toned physique in the two-piece, letting her flat abs and muscular legs do most of the talking.

A countertop was full of what appeared to be freshly-picked flowers, modern-looking food containers, and plates full of glazed donuts and croissants. She stood in white-socked feet on a chair to reach up to the top shelf.

The second of her four-part series packed some serious jaw-dropping power, with Jessie showing herself perched atop the counter in nothing but her white underwear and a white bra as she held a donut near her mouth.

Jessie James Decker promotes Kittenish in her underwear

The third photo of the series showed Jessie back in her crop top, with the camera zooming in closer to show her stunning features as she once again gripped a pastry close to her face and showed off her flat midsection.

The final snap showed Jessie curled up cross-legged on the countertop back in just her underwear as she gave a soft, but fierce, look at the lens.

“Basics and donuts for breakfast,” she wrote in her caption before adding, “[Kittenish] “basics” launching at 12c today! Don’t miss the biggest drop yet!”

The star had previously promoted her Kittenish label by posing in a navy blue underwear ensemble, looking glamorous and fit from head to toe.

Just days before that, Jessie promoted her basics line by posing in a knitted green sweater and green underwear to inform her followers about the Kittenish launch.

With the superstar’s fame only increases over the years, Jessie manages to make time to keep up with her fitness, as evidenced by her fit figure.

Jessie James Decker weight-trains and intermittent fasts

As reported by Eat This, Not That! Jessie ensures that she does the hard work not only in the music studio but also behind the scenes in the gym to keep her incredible figure looking as toned as possible.

“I work out 3 to 4 times a week and they pretty much look like this with certain variations whether we’re doing more upper body or lower body,” she said of the ritualistic series of squats, medicine ball tosses, lifts, inverted rows, and other exercises she employs.

Jessie also shared that she follows intermittent fasting most of the time, often skipping breakfast or opting for a small bowl of oatmeal or toast to kick-start her day.

The singer said she makes sure to pack in the protein and some carbs for lunch to maintain her energy.

“For lunch, I will have 4 to 6 ounces chicken salad or chicken over rice,” she said, adding that dinners usually consist of lean meat with plenty of vegetables.

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