Jessie James Decker enjoys a snowy vacation with her hubby

Jessie James Decker arrives at the CMAs.
Jessie James Decker enjoyed a wintry vacation with her husband Eric. Pic credit: ©

When it comes to shocking the internet with stunning snaps, few do it better than country singer Jessie James Decker.

The 34-year-old mother of three and wife of football wide receiver Eric Decker has continued to hold a firm grip on her fans with her near-constant social media presence while also maintaining one of the busiest musical careers in the industry.

Despite her seemingly-unending daily scheduling, Jessie clearly knows how to reset and work in relaxation time sans children, with the singer recently proving she can take a much-deserved break.

Jessie looked to be having a wonderful time alongside her husband as the pair enjoyed a very wintry, romantic trip together to the cabins of Bolt Farm Treehouse in Tennessee.

While thinking of Tennessee may not immediately bring up images of snow, the adorable couple picked a postcard-perfect spot in the state to work in wintertime magic together.

The I Still Love You songstress shared snippets of her and Eric’s time together at the locale and the singer stayed true to form with a snapshot of herself reveling in the falling snowflakes while clad in minimal attire.

Turning her back to the lens, Jessie sported a long-sleeved, gray shirt and matching gray underwear as she reached one arm up above her head to allow some of the giant flakes to presumably fall into her palm.

Jessie James Decker wears gray underwear on a snowy cabin deck.
Jessie James Decker enjoys the snow in her underwear. Pic credit: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

The snow had already piled high enough to completely cover the deck and surrounding objects, with Jessie’s slippered footsteps making a clear pattern leading to the railing.

Visibility was low in the snapshot, the storm shrouding much of the view beyond the closest treeline, and the white surroundings only added to the allure and beauty of the photo.

Jessie James Decker enjoys a snowy vacation with her husband Eric Decker

The photo itself was likely enough to captivate Jessie’s followers, but the singer also made sure to give her fans more to view with an added Instagram video montage.

Jessie and Eric could be seen panning around the cabin upon their arrival, and it looked like the storm that hit the area had not yet arrived as the woods were clear and there was no snow anywhere yet.

Jessie and Eric’s 12 years together has not seemed to have gotten in the way of the pair’s obvious devotion to each other, with Jessie’s clip showing the duo lovingly working in bed snuggling and sharing laughs together during their kid-free weekend ahead of Valentine’s Day.

As if staying on top of her impressive musical career wasn’t enough to keep the star extra busy, Jessie also has an added side gig to ensure pretty much all of her free time is productively used.

Jessie James Decker talks about her Kittenish clothing line

Most of Jessie’s fans know that the country star is not known solely for her amazing pipes but also for her popular clothing line Kittenish.

Jessie opened up to Forbes about her brand, sharing details with them about how she came up with the idea for the line as well as the fun moniker.

“I remember I heard the word kittenish when I was in a dressing room trying on a little black dress that was probably a little too grown for me, and a woman said, ‘You are so kittenish,'” Jessie explained about how she first learned of the word.

“I was fifteen and I remember liking the word, so I wrote it down and saved it, and told myself that I was going to have a clothing line one day, and it was going to be called Kittenish.”

Years later, Jessie said her musical career was well on its way to becoming a very time-consuming affair when the memory of her promise to herself when she was younger came back to her when she realized how much fans craved to know what brands Jessie was wearing at a given moment.

“When I started doing fan meet and greets I started seeing fans dressing up like me, and I remember being so thrown and confused. All I was doing was wearing flannels, bandanas, cut-offs, and boots. The thought came: ‘Why don’t I create these pieces instead of wearing these things from different stores?’ I could just create them myself,” she shared.

After reaching out to a small store to inquire about the formulation of a capsule of her own clothing to be displayed and sold on the premises, Jessie said she quickly realized that her own stardom had lent much more of a hand to the popularity of her items as they sold out rapidly.

It didn’t take long for Jessie to open her very own Kittenish store in Nashville and the shop’s instant success subsequently encouraged the singer to open three more shops.

A look at the Kittenish website shows a wide variety of items for sale online, with styles ranging from loungewear to stylish gowns and dresses.

Some of Jessie’s personal favorites include the newly-launched Sweet Cheeks Romper priced at $58, the Tatum Mae Leather Bustier for $50, and the Lilac Full Coverage Tank for $36.

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