Jessie Godderz: Who is the Big Brother personality?

Jessie Godderz hosting a Big Brother competition
Jessie Godderz appearing on Big Brother

Jessie Godderz is a familiar face for Big Brother fans. He has been a staple for almost 10 seasons but only played in two of them.

Big Brother 10 was Jessie Godderz’s first appearance on the CBS show. He was the youngest contestant on the show and eventually was evicted before making it to the jury house. The following season welcomed him back. That time around, Jessie was able to make it to the jury and help decide who would win Season 11 of Big Brother.

For the next several seasons of Big Brother, Jessie Godderz made cameos directly related to the Pandora’s box twist. He appeared on seasons 12 through 14 for that twist.

After that, Godderz returned to Big Brother to host various competitions. The only season he did not appear in physically was Season 19 but he was a part of the movie trailer for a competition.

Season 20 of Big Brother is currently in full swing. Week 6 started off with a shocking eviction and with a hacker twist in play, the houseguests were counting on the Power of Veto competition to make things right.

Jessie Godderz was there to host the competition. Of course, the two punishments doled out were health-related. Apparently, he is giving directions to Rockstar as she goes about completing her week-long punishment.

Aside from all of the Big Brother fame, Jessie Godderz is also a professional wrestler and bodybuilder. He has also appeared on the web soap, Tainted Dreams. Godderz is a man of many talents, but Big Brother fans adore him for his quirks and his Mr. PEC-Tacular persona.

The episode of Big Brother 20 that will feature Jessie Godderz will air this Wednesday night.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS.

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