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Jessica Simpson’s 5 hottest bikini photos of all time

Jessica Simpson close up
Jessica Simpson is a bikini star. Pic credit: ©

Jessica Simpson earned her fame and her way into our hearts as a pop singer with hits like Irresistible and I Wanna Love You Forever.

While she hasn’t released a new song in more than a decade, Jessica has remained one of America’s most beloved stars and earned herself an impressive net worth with a lucrative clothing and shoe line.

She has also starred in movies like Dukes of Hazzard and Blonde Ambition, as well as playing herself on Entourage.

But we’re not here to talk about her incredible business success, although it is impressive.

After marrying NFL star Eric Johnson and welcoming three children, Jessica Simpson has gained and lost a phenomenal 100 pounds, and lately, she’s been happy to show off just how far she’s come.

Here are five of Jessica Simpson’s hottest bikini photos.

Jessica Simpson impresses in a nude bikini

Not one to shy away from a closet selfie, Jessica shared this sultry number, and she even had on shoes to match.

She captioned the photo, “Adios Cabo San Lucas,” and posed in the mirror with one hand on her hip and the opposite leg a bit in front of the other.

Jessica Simpson seemingly nude in an egg chair

This photo of Jessica is sort of tricky since we can’t actually see her bikini in it. However, it still qualifies as one of the hottest bikini photos because let’s face it, it’s hot.

If you look closely, you can tell that Jessica is, in fact, wearing a nude-colored bikini. It’s just covered up by her big, floppy hat. It may actually be the same bikini as seen in the photo above, as this photo was also shared back in April.

Jessica Simpson’s notorious pregnancy bikini

One of Jessica Simpson’s most famous bikini photos came when she was pregnant with her youngest daughter, Birdie May.

Back in 2019, Jessica was past her due date and clearly ready to be done. But she still powered through to put on a bikini and take a photo while looking ready to pop.

She appropriately captioned the photo, “Jess-tation.”

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson master the closet seflie

We already know that Jessica Simpson knows her way around a selfie, and she’s a master of bikini selfies. So it tracks that the former pop star would teach her husband, Eric Johnson, how to look great in a selfie too.

After posting a previous closet selfie just days before, she returned to the scene with her shirtless husband in tow and took a picture of the pair together in their closet. Both looked ready for a day at the beach.

Jessica captioned the photo, “I taught my husband the art of the closet selfie.”

Possibly the hottest Jessica Simpson bikini photo ever

In February 2018, Jessica Simpson shared what could potentially be her hottest bikini photo ever. It was a throwback even back then, coming from her Dukes of Hazzard days as a reminder that back in 2005, Jessica was an “it” girl.

“Anyone need a car wash?” she captioned the photo of herself in a tiny red bikini, leaning back over the hood of that infamous orange Dodge Charger.

When she reshared the photo years later, Jessica made it clear that she was sharing the throwback photo from her treadmill.

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