Jessica Simpson stuns in throwback style

Jessica Simpson at an event.
Jessica Simpson shared a throwback closet find. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Jessica Simpson celebrated a big milestone as her youngest child, Birdie Mae, turned 4.

The pop star shared a carousel of photos, each cuter than the next.

And while Birdie should have been the main attraction, Jessica stole the show in a fabulous purple coat with what appears to be fur around the edges.

It was a throwback nod to 2000 and was found in the depths of Jessica’s closet. (We wonder what else she’s held onto all these years.)

She posed with her daughter and husband in one shot, and another featured the whole family. Birdie looked adorable she posed solo, and of course, there was one of Jessica solo as she looked silly holding the unicorn cake.

Jessica, in part, captioned the post about Birdie Mae, “This little lady celebrates and twirls through her life in tutus with a pure unique understanding in her soul of glitter sparkles. We love her SO VERY MUCH and she knows it.”

Jessica Simpson’s comment section lit up with jacket comments

Whenever Jessica Simpson shares something, her followers and critics flock to the comment section to comment on her looks or what she is wearing.

This time was no different, except it was all about the purple jacket.

Curious followers wanted details on the jacket, and Jessica was happy to share that it was from “the back of my closet from 2000 ??.”

That answer wasn’t sufficient, though. Another wanted more, saying, “brand/designer? I love that you still have it. It’s gorgeous.”

Jessica Simpson comments from Instagram.
Everyone wants to know about the jacket. Pic credit: @jessicasimpson/Instagram

Jessica Simpson stays in shape after 100-lb weight loss

Jessica Simpson has gained and lost 100 pounds on more than one occasion. The last time was following the birth of Birdie Mae in 2019. She struggled to take off the weight and turned to moving around more and dieting.

The blonde reality TV personality turned to celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. He worked on a plan that fit her needs and started trying to get in 6,000 steps daily, which went up to 12,000 gradually. He talked with People about how he helped her lose weight outside the gym and change her lifestyle to maintain the loss.

She has kept the weight off, and she looks fantastic. Jessica shared that she fit back into her junior high jacket, even snapping a picture with it on. And, she obviously could still wear the purple jacket from 23 years ago because she donned it for Birdie Mae’s celebration.

Jessica Simpson is enjoying life with her husband and children and looks fantastic while doing it.

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Damien Hillard
Damien Hillard
2 months ago

Congratulations for such an excellent weight loss!