Jessica Simpson stuns in Daisy Dukes and a striped sweater for sidewalk squat

Jessica Simpson at a Teen Vogue event.
Jessica Simpson sizzled in Daisy Dukes as she jutted out one bare leg on the sidewalk. Pic credit: © 

Jessica Simpson appears to be having a blast promoting her latest fashion wear as she shows off her newly-trim body.

The 42-year-old pop star, who gained fame in the late 90s and early 2000s for her hit I Wanna Love You Forever, and her subsequent failed marriage to singer Nick Lachey just keeps on bringing it following an impressive slim-down earlier this year.

The star announced in the spring that she had lost at least 100 pounds over the three years since welcoming her third child with Eric Johnson in 2019.

Jessica revealed her stunning new physique in April, posing in a bikini while telling fans she was super proud of herself for achieving her body goals.

Since then, the singer and fashion brand owner has been thrilling her followers with social media posts to show off her physique and tout her new merchandise.

Jess was back at it again recently as she posed in a fun new ensemble that looked fit for the transition from summer to fall.

Jessica Simpson pops a ‘sidewalk squat’ in Daisy Dukes

Looking as svelte and glowing as ever, Jess could be seen in two separate posts, one from her personal page and one from her fashion brand page.

Giving the camera a fierce and withering gaze in her first shot, Jessica formed her luscious lips into an open-mouthed pout to add extra appeal to the snap.

The singer wore a black fedora on her head, leaving her blonde locks loose and down underneath to cascade over her shoulders.

A black-and-white-striped sweater adorned her upper half, its baggy sleeves crinkling up around her arms and wrists for a look that somehow still managed to make the star look stunning.

Crouching low, Jessica let fans see she was wearing her signature Daisy Dukes, a garment she has worn in nearly every shot she has posted in the last few months.

Showing off plenty of leg in the snap, Jessica topped off the overall vibe by throwing on some stylish ankle boots of a cowgirl design, the black tips and white ankles giving off a very Western feel.

In a two-part series shared on her style account, Jessica gave fans a better view of her look as she stood up for the snap, spreading her arms wide to let the sweater be in full view.

“Pop a Sidewalk Squat,” she captioned her personal post while telling fans on her style page that the sweater and boots were available for purchase at a new low price.

Jessica Simpson’s trainer shares her weight loss secrets

As Jessica keeps up her dazzling weight loss show-off, followers of the star might wonder just how she dropped so many pounds in the first place.

Jessica’s personal trainer opened up about the singer’s journey toward feeling proud of her body again, telling fans he and Jess “had their work cut out” as the singer started at about 240 pounds then.

“It had to be more than just getting back from her baby weight, but how do I keep whatever I am doing now forever,” Harley Pasternak said.

“That’s why we are not a big fan of doing any extreme diet or radical forms of exercise.”

Pasternak said that a large part of Jessica’s routine was walking 14,000 steps a day and focusing on creating lower-calorie meal plans that included some of Jess’ favorite foods.

He added that, while Jessica’s diet was fairly restrictive and left out the option for cheat days, the overall plan allowed the singer to maintain her exercise and eating plan and not dip into a shame spiral if she had higher caloric days.

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