Jessica Simpson shows off toned legs and abs

Jessica Simpson at an event.
Jessica Simpson stuns in a leather outfit. Pic credit: © Fotos/AdMedia

Jessica Simpson is rocking a leather look.

The former reality TV star is upping her fashion game and modeling some of the outfits she has through her clothing line. 

Posed while leaning against what appeared to be a classic car, Jessica had her right hand on her hip. 

She was dressed in a leather skirt, a bralette, with a leather jacket, and she tied the look together with over-the-ankle leather boots with a few-inch heel. 

“Bold & Dramatic” were written across the photo, and underneath was the writing, “The Jessica Simpson Floyce.”

The singer’s outfit highlighted her 100-pound weight loss, accentuating her toned abs and legs. 

Jessica Simpson in leather.
Pic credit: @jessicasimpson/Instagram

Jessica Simpson looks better than ever 

It’s been nearly three decades since Jessica Simpson burst onto the scene with her popstar qualities. 

Followers have seen her through her highs and lows, including her fluctuating weight. 

Now that she is down 100 pounds, Jessica has chosen to show off her hard work in various outfits. 

While bikini season is over as fall approaches, that doesn’t mean the beautiful blonde doesn’t have other options to share with her followers. 

Her clothing line isn’t just for adults either. Jessica also has a line for children, which often gets rave reviews. She has a knack for knowing what people would want, which is why it does so well. 

Jessica Simpson’s memoir being made into a TV series 

Recently, news broke about Jessica Simpson’s memoir being turned into a television series. 

John Stamos will be taking part in it alongside Katelyn Tarver. 

She posted about it on social media, writing, in part, “This project holds my heart completely, infatuates my mind on every level, and deeply seduces my soul to the core. I have spoken about determined patience frequently. Not until now, in this very moment do I get to share the reward of how it feels on this side of the rainbow.”

She addressed the stars, writing, “@KatelynTarver, it is an honor to find myself in your eyes. It is your time to shine beautiful. @JohnStamos,  I am so grateful to work alongside a legend, but even more so, I am VERY ready to watch you break the mold as Butch Thorne, always makin us swoon!”

Jessica Simpson has a lot going on in her life right now. From the humble beginnings she came from to her life now, she is the embodiment of inspiration and a superstar for the people who grew up alongside her and followed her career.

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