Jessica Simpson shows off slim figure in SKIMS bikini paired with pink shoes from her own collection for ‘Neon Energy’

Jessica Simpson on the red carpet
Jessica Simpson is turning heads in a neon green SKIMS bikini. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Jessica Simpson knows that if you want all eyes looking and all mouths talking about a product, you just have to promote it yourself.

And she definitely got everyone talking when she doubled down on the promo for a gorgeous mirror selfie where the Dukes of Hazzard star stunned in a bright green string bikini from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS brand that she paired with hot pink platform sandals from her own Jessica Simpson Collection.

Chatter has been nonstop for months since Jessica revealed that she lost 100 pounds again after giving birth to her youngest child, Birdie Mae, in 2019.

While Jessica has been fielding plenty of criticism recently, as some fans grew concerned that she’s been losing too much weight, it seems the Irresistible singer is proving with this latest bikini photo that she’s slim and fit perfection, not scary skinny as some have suggested.

For the photo fans can’t stop talking about, Jessica posed in front of her lighted mirror with her legs crossed and one hand on her hip for the sultry selfie. She wore her signature blonde hair parted in the middle and hanging down in loose waves and kept her face makeup free and natural for the fun snap.

Jessica kept her look simple, keeping the focus on herself for the photo with quite a busy background of patterned furniture, a striped throw rug, and cluttered surfaces in a seemingly chaotic room.

Jessica Simpson promotes new collection with old-school phone booth photo

Jessica Simpson has become just as well known for her style as she was for singing or acting, with women clamoring to get their hands on the cute shoes, bags, and clothing she sells on her website, on HSN, and even in big box retailers.

Fans of her collection were thrilled when Jessica shared a promotion for the spring and summer collection, where she posed in an old phone booth.

Jessica captioned the snap by asking, “If you were stranded in the middle of nowhere and had one phone call, who would you call?”

Jessica Simpson opened up about double tummy tucks despite doctor warnings

It’s no secret that Jessica Simpson has shed quite a bit of weight more than once. She also has been candid about what her up and down weight gain and loss has done to her body.

And while she lost weight with diet and exercise, even detailing the intense workouts she used to get back in such amazing shape, Jessica hasn’t always been happy with her body, even when she was very thin.

So back in 2015, after having her first two children, the style maven admitted that she had not one, but two, tummy tuck procedures in an effort to make her body look the way she wanted.

“The surgery wasn’t for weight loss. I weighed 107 pounds when I planned the surgery. I wanted to get rid of the stretch marks and loose skin,” Jessica wrote in her memoir, Open Book (via Life & Style).

When the first procedure didn’t get her tummy as tight as she liked, Jessica admitted to booking a second surgery just two months after the first despite a doctor warning her not to do it as the amount of drinking and the pills she was taking at the time could have killed her.

“When I got home, I cut down on everything, like someone cramming for a test,” Jessica wrote. “I disregarded what my doctor said and kept the surgery date.”

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