Jessica Simpson sends birthday wishes to Joe Simpson with beautiful family photos

Jessica Simpson face
Jessica Simpson sent birthday wishes to her dad, Joe Simpson. Pic credit: © Images

Jessica Simpson took time from her busy schedule to pay attention to what matters as the talented singer wished her father, Joe Simpson, a happy birthday.

The Dukes of Hazzard actress has a new book, an Amazon Prime series, and her ever-expanding fashion line.

But Jessica always makes time for her family and those close to her.

Jessica revealed in a social media post that her dad’s birthday was over the weekend, and her family gathered to celebrate their patriarch.

The MTV star shared a two-part Instagram carousel on her page, where she has 6.2 million followers. She received 87,000 likes for her heartwarming post.

The pictures showed Jessica, her mom Tina, her dad Joe, her sister, Ashlee, her daughter, Birdie, and her husband.

Jessica Simpson sends birthday wishes to her father, Joe Simpson

The first image showed the Simpson clan at a lavish establishment; everyone was dressed to the nines.

Ashlee was on the left in a blue fur jacket paired with stylish, distressed jeans. In the center, Jessica‘s parents wore all black, keeping things chic. On the right, Jessica rocked a black lace dress with a sparkly top, adding glamour to the look. She paired the dress with black knee-high boots that were chic and fabulous.

In the second picture, Jessica wore the same outfit as in the first shot, but the setting differed. She posed with her husband and eldest daughter. The image allowed fans to see Jessica’s makeup with dark-winged eyeliner and glossy lips. The singer’s blonde tresses cascaded past her shoulders with a voluminous style.

It looked like everyone had a fun time celebrating their dear family member.

Jessica wrote a heartfelt caption to accompany the share.

Her caption read, “My beautiful family together forevermore. I am proud of us for all that we have accomplished unconventionally with pure honesty. I love each of you exactly as you are…unconditionally, completely, fully, entirely, and endlessly. Happy 65th Birthday Dad!!! Bein’ loved by you has given purposeful soul to my life 2/18/2023.”

Family has played a massive role in Jessica’s development.

Jessica Simpson’s brand, Jessica Simpson Collection

One of the reasons for Jessica Simpson’s brand, the Jessica Simpson Collection’s success was the singer’s mom, Tina. Tina has been at the helm of Jessica Simpson Collections, serving as the president and controlling the back-end details. 

The stage mom helped Jessica navigate her company after the ownership changed multiple times. Jessica nearly lost the company, but thanks to Tina’s shrewd tactics, she came out on top.

In 2022, Jessica finally obtained ownership of her brand, where she and Tina are now independent owners.

Jessica told Bloomberg, “There is a boss, and it’s my mom. She’ll be pinching my arm in a meeting if I’m saying the wrong thing.”

In 2023, Jessica and Tina want to expand the Jessica Simpson Collections brand and even take other companies under their wing.

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