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Jessica Simpson pregnant bikini photo is proof that pregnancy is not for wimps

Jessica Simpson at the Beautycon Festival LA
Jessica Simpson proves that even at the end of pregnancy, she still has a sense of humor. Pic credit: ©

Jessica Simpson is still pregnant, and while she hasn’t shared her due date it feels like she’s been carrying her baby girl forever.

Thankfully, she’s still got a great sense of humor about it all despite having suffered some pretty severe symptoms this time around, including quite a bit of swelling, sciatica pain, bronchitis and acid reflux.

As we all count down the days until she gives birth, Jessica Simpson is showing off her large baby bump and even making those who follow her laugh with the latest photo share, which features a very swollen and very pregnant Jessica Simpson in a bikini.

If the picture made you feel a bit uncomfortable, imagine how she feels! She literally looks like she’s going to pop and we’re hoping that baby Birdie will make her appearance soon so that her mom can get some relief.

Thankfully, as miserable as Jessica Simpson looks in her latest pregnancy photo, her sense of humor is still intact. She captioned the photo “Jess-tation,” giving her fans a chuckle.

One of the ladies commenting on the photo identified herself as a labor and delivery nurse and explained that Jessica has a history of birthing large babies. So while she may look and feel pretty large right now, it’s not actually uncommon. That doesn’t mean Jessica isn’t uncomfortable though.