Jessica Simpson marvels over ‘dream’

Jessica Simpson on the red carpet.
Jessica Simpson rocks black leather pants. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Jessica Simpson is no stranger to sharing gorgeous views.

The songstress often shares photos from her travels, parties she throws, and events she attends.

While she has taken a step back from the spotlight to work on her Jessica Simpson brand, she is still fairly active on social media.

Often sharing advice along with her photos, Jessica’s insights are usually spot on.

She marveled over dreams not having an expiration date in her most recent share.

The beautiful blonde captioned her share, “There’s no expiration date to a dream?”

Jessica Simpson is stunning in leather pants and platform boots

While standing on what appears to be a brick patio or rooftop, Jessica Simpson shared a gorgeous photo of her view.

She posed with one leg on the ledge, highlighting her 100-pound weight loss and much more slender figure.

Jessica donned leather pants, platform boots, a fitted black tank top, and a Kelly green jacket.

The former reality TV star wore a few accessories, but the attention remained on her bold fashion choice.

She placed her hand on her hip for the pose, highlighting her trim waist.

Jessica’s appearance has been a topic of conversation among her followers. She has been flagged as looking “skeletal.”

The songstress has shared a few throwback pieces she wore decades ago, even one from her middle school cheer team.

Jessica Simpson’s fall fashion line

Jessica Simpson has an impeccable fashion sense, which carries over into her designs and various clothing lines she has created over the years.

When she debuted her fall line, it was bold and fun. It was different than expected but was perfect for what it was.

She spoke with PEOPLE about her creativity, saying, “Right now in my career I am inspired by TV and film and want to bring retro glam to our all American denim staple styles. Fashion is experimenting and channeling different parts of ourselves and our lives through what we wear and this campaign allowed me to give it life.”

Her collection was a hit, which was no surprise. She enjoys what she does, and it seems her daughter, Maxwell, was also bitten by the fashion bug.

Jessica told the publication, “Maxwell was born with a fashion-forward sensibility and a keen eye for creating her own style, but notices others’ authenticity and celebrates it.”

Jessica Simpson is working on a denim collection, which will likely be just as good.

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