Jessica Simpson makes rare social media appearance amid weight loss controversy

Jessica Simpson face
Jessica Simpson made a rare social media appearance. Pic credit: ©

A lot is going on in Jessica Simpson’s world, so when fans get a social media post, it is quite a treat.

That was the case on Thursday when Jessica hopped on her Instagram for a life update with her husband.

As it turned out, Jessica’s post was a mixture of business and pleasure. 

The post, shared with Jessica’s 6.1 million IG followers, showed her and retired NFL player Eric Johnson on a porch overlooking a beautiful garden.

In the post’s caption, Jessica detailed an exciting deal, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Jessica represented her business wonderfully, looking fabulous and fashionable with a smile across her face.

Jessica Simpson makes pre-Valentine’s Day post in Jessica Simpson Style

Jessica was a vision in her signature bohemian chic style with a twist of country. 

The bohemian influences came thanks to Jessica’s black flowy dress with a plunging neckline and maxi-hem. The dress resembled the Jessica Simpson Collection’s Clia Cami Dress in Black, with a price tag of $99.50.

As for the cowboy influences, that was visible with Jessica’s cowboy boots and turquoise belt.

Jessica rocked the Leeshi boot by Jessica Simpson Style, which has a retail value of $159. But like Jessica revealed in her caption, the boots are on sale, dropping the price to $95.

The Newlyweds alum wore black aviator sunglasses, keeping things cool under the sun. Her blonde tresses featured loose waves cascading down her shoulders with ease.

Jessica’s caption read, “Last minute V-Day shopping for the kids with my man. PS these @jessicasimpsonstyle cowboy boots are on sale💚.”

The reality star has been laying low since receiving weight loss criticism. The public opinion shift was a complex issue because Jessica previously received praise for her weight loss.

Jessica Simpson’s 100-pound weight loss

Jessica famously tipped the scale at 240 when she was pregnant with her youngest daughter, Birdie. After giving birth, Jessica knew she had to make a change. 

With the help of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, Jessica implemented multiple lifestyle changes to get back on track.

She started walking 6,000 steps a day before turning the intensity up to 14,000 steps daily.  Each day, she and her trainer worked with different muscle groups and even had cheat days.

And Jessica’s efforts paid off because she lost 100 pounds

However, it seems not all are impressed with Jessica’s weight loss.

Jessica Simpson’s weight loss woes

According to sources, some people close to Jessica are concerned about her continued weight loss.

One source reported that friends and family felt “extremely worried about her.”

The reports came after fans also expressed concern over the singer’s shrinking figure.

But Jessica is used to having haters and critics pick her apart.

As for Jessica, she seems happy, healthy, and proud of her hard work. 

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