Jessica Simpson in Daisy Dukes is feeling her ‘Goblin Gams’

Jessica Simpson at a Teen Vogue event.
Jessica Simpson showed off her legs in shredded Daisy Dukes and boots. Pic credit: ©

Jessica Simpson just keeps on bringing the heat as she continues to show off her impressive weight loss.

The 42-year-old singer and clothing line designer threw fans for a loop when she announced earlier this year that she had been working hard for the past three years to shed her baby weight from her third child, Birdie.

Followers of the star were left with their jaws hanging open after Jess shared a stunning bikini snap in the spring to show off her lean and lanky newfound physique, and the singer has been enthralling her fans ever since with other skin-baring shares.

Aside from losing at least 100 pounds, Jessica also opened up in the past about her path to sobriety, sharing a shocking photo of herself at her darkest time when addicted to alcohol.

With her drinking now under control and her weight looking to be in a fairly stable range, Jessica has been pumping up her promotional sharing while still having a good time.

Jessica’s most recent post is no exception, as the blonde has proved once again that she has maintained her slender figure and seems proud to give her fans as many glimpses of her body as possible.

The star looked sleek and casual-chic in her newest photo, leaving her highlighted locks down to dangle across her chest while rocking a stunning outfit.

Jessica Simpson sizzles in Daisy Dukes

A boho-style jacket adorned her upper half, the peachy-pink hue playing perfectly against her golden skin and metal beads looking to be embedded in the material to create a stunning design.

What appeared to be a white tank top covered her up underneath the blazer as Jessica could be seen in a seated position, leaning back slightly against a wooden plank.

Jessica remained in a semi-reclined position as she used her legs to push her lower body up for extra flair, both knees bent and both feet pushing into the floor.

Her shredded Daisy Dukes grazed her thighs to reveal plenty of leg before the look ended at her booted feet.

Army-green ankle boots with heavily platformed bases and inches-long heels were the primary focus of the shot, with their shiny, vinyl sheen catching the eye.

“Feel’n my Goblin Gams today,” Jessica playfully captioned the snap.

Jessica Simpson shows she loves her Daisy Dukes

Jess has shown throughout this year that Daisy Dukes are one of her favorite garments to rock these days, having worn them several times over the summer.

In August, Jessica sizzled in the denim shorts as she took to Instagram to work in some promo time.

Wearing a tight-fitted wife-beater tank underneath an off-the-shoulder, unbuttoned shirt, Jessica once again showed off her lean legs as she held up a bottle of allergy medicine to tell fans why she loves using it for her seasonal issues.

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