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Jessica Simpson has fans concerned after sharing bikini body pics and new promotional video

Jessica Simpson at an awards event.
After basking in the glow of garnering praise for her recent weight loss, Jessica Simpson is now under scrutiny from fans for her new look and promo video. Pic credit: ©

Jessica Simpson has enjoyed some much-deserved time back under the media spotlight recently after sharing the exciting news with her fans that she achieved her third massive shedding of excess weight recently.

The former 90’s starlet, who was previously married to boy band singer Nick Lachey until their public split roughly 16 years ago, garnered some major attention in the last two weeks after she triumphantly revealed to her Instagram followers that she succeeded in losing 100 pounds in the last three years.

Jessica, who gained most of the poundage during and following the birth of her third child, three-year-old daughter Birdie, took to social media to announce to the world that she had been shocked and ecstatic to fit back into a bikini once more.

Even sharing the good news in an interview segment on The Real, Jess’ shining moment has been suddenly usurped by some irked fans who have taken issue with not only her skinny look but also her most recent promotional video.

Jessica had fans scratching their heads over her latest video

The video, which shows Jessica in full-on advertising mode as she holds a bottle of Flonase and speaks directly to her followers about how great the product is for her purported seasonal allergies, has gotten some negative attention from some who deem the clip to be somewhat erratic.

As Jessica talked up the allergy medication, her eyes could be seen darting around the screen in a way that fans found to be a bit odd and alluded to her using some cue cards off camera.

“Lmao Flonase please hire a professional. That was embarrassing to watch,” wrote one person who seemed to have some second-hand humiliation over the flighty post.

Instagram comment
Pic credit: @jessicasimpson/Instagram

“Really that’s the worst add / commercial by you. With ur eyes all over the place. You couldn’t memorize the cue cards for a simple add? “a card held beside a camera for a television broadcaster to read from while appearing to look into the camera”. LOL. 👎” penned someone else.

Another Instagram comment criticising Simpson
Pic credit: @jessicasimpson/Instagram

Another user took a snarkier tact, saying snidely, “You must have terrible allergies, just look at all that unnatural swelling in your lips,” while another immediately shared, “You look sick. Could you start eating again ?” in apparent concern over her massive weight loss.

More negative Insta comments
Pic credit: @jessicasimpson/Instagram

Jessica Simpson rocking the swimwear

Despite any issues fans may have over the star’s latest video and physical transformation, Jessica appears by all accounts to be thoroughly basking in the glow of her achievement.

Since making her reveal on Instagram, the songstress has been rocking some seriously eye-catching and sexy attire to prove she is totally embracing her body.

Jess recently donned a hot one-piece for Easter weekend, as reported on by Monsters and Critics.

The vibrantly striped swimwear showed off some killer abs underneath swatches of see-through mesh cut-outs, along with toned legs that stretched out underneath the tapered bottom.

Upon her initial announcement of her weight loss, Jessica sizzled in a pastel paisley two-piece, ensuring that she gave every single view of her body.

Jess recently scored big in court, taking back complete control of her fashion brand after years of struggle and she currently has a spring campaign for her newly-released collection.

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