Jessica Simpson enjoys a fun couples weekend with friends

Jessica Simpson showed off her continued weight loss in skinny latex pants while enjoying time away with her husband and friends. Pic credit: © Moskowitz/Globe Photos via ZUMA Wire

Jessica Simpson looked to be working in some much-deserved rest and relaxation as she enjoyed a getaway with her husband, Eric Johnson, and some friends.

The 42-year-old singer and former reality star jumped onto her social media page to share snapshots of her time away with her husband of nearly ten years and another couple.

Bringing her A-game to the kid-free vacation, Jessica looked as stylish and glamorous as usual as she posed for a series of pics.

Jessica donned red-rimmed sunglasses over her eyes in the first photo as she leaned into Eric’s chest.

Her signature blonde hair was down, the loose strands dangling over the collar of her fur coat, which was spotted and ran down her torso and ended at her boot top.

A large handbag was looped around the crook of her elbow, and shiny latex pants covered her slender legs, showing off the weight loss the star has undergone in the past year.

Jessica Simpson shows off her ever-shrinking frame in skinny pants

For his part, Eric looked ready to tackle his R&R weekend with his wife as he rocked a plaid button-up and a backward cap on his head.

In the next snap, Jessica went for a black-and-white vibe as she snuggled close to Eric, keeping her hands in the pockets of her coat.

She then captured a shot of herself posing with her pal Lauren Harrison on a porch before moving on to another cute shot with Eric.

Jessica really let followers see how slim her figure has gotten in the snap as she propped one leg up to rest on Eric’s hip while he helped her keep her balance by holding onto her upper thigh.

The final few pics showed Jessica and Eric smiling with Lauren and her husband Bret, flashing bright smiles from the car, and giving each other a sweet kiss for the last black-and-white photograph.

As Jessica continues to show off her incredible physique and jaw-dropping weight loss, fans may wonder just how the star has managed to lose over 100 pounds and keep the pounds from creeping back.

Jessica Simpson’s personal trainer shares the star’s secrets to losing weight

As shared by E! News, trainer Harley Pasternak opened up about Jessica’s secrets to shedding weight following the birth of her third child nearly four years ago.

“This particular baby no. 3 was… I think she commented to the press that she tipped the scales at 240 lbs, that’s not coming from me, she mentioned that in a post,” Harley shared. “So, we had our work cut out for us and perhaps more so on this baby than the others.” 

Despite any challenges facing Jessica on her weight-loss journey, the star remained focused and set her sights on achieving her goals.

Harley explained that Jessica first made sure that she gave her body time to heal from the birth of her daughter Birdie before tackling more hard-core exercises and dieting.

Once her body was ready, Jessica worked in at least 6,000 steps a day while sucking on Sweetkicks, a mint that curbs sugar cravings.

While Jessica was not deprived of eating her favorite foods, she did cut back on heavier items and focused on eating lean meats and lots of vegetables.

Harley also said that getting Jessica to reframe how she approached exercise was key, teaching her to use a treadmill when watching TV or taking phone calls and making sure she understood the value of getting a good night’s sleep.

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