Jessica Chastain is red hot heading for Jimmy Kimmel appearance to promote The Good Nurse

Jessica Chastain on the red carpet
Jessica Chastain’s face. Pic credit: © Perniac/AdMedia

Jessica Chastain was just spotted looking absolutely stunning in a red hot dress for a new talk show appearance.

She arrived at the studio for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote a new movie she’s starring in called The Good Nurse.

The movie is a crime drama that tells the story of a woman who uncovers the demented and evil crimes of one of her medical colleagues.

In real life, Jessica’s life isn’t so dangerous or complicated thanks to her long-standing and impressive career as an actress dating back to 2004.

Every time she’s done interviews, posed for pictures on social media, or walked on red carpets, she’s always looked beyond incredible.

The dress she wore for Jimmy Kimmel Live! is no exception to the rule and will likely bring in tons of interest and support for her new movie.

Jessica Chastain looks red hot in a red dress

When redheads wear the color red, it makes them stand out from the crowd even more, and Jessica happens to fit that mold perfectly.

The stunning red dress she wore for her Jimmy Kimmel appearance was short enough to show off her thighs, knees, and calves as she walked down the street.

Jessica Chastain walking in heels and red dress.
Jessica Chastain wearing a red dress. Pic credit: Affinitypicture/BACKGRID

The color of the red dress was unique by design, swooping upward rather than downward. The sleeves appeared to have some sort of padding in them, giving her shoulders a lifted look.

Wearing nude heels is a common trick for female celebrities who want to add a little bit of length to their legs. Jessica sported nude-colored heels with her fiery red dress.

Jessica Chastain makes ties look feminine

Traditionally speaking, ties are generally worn by men who are on their way to work in an office space or professional environment. Jessica is out here breaking all the rules when it comes to societal norms.

In a jaw-dropping photo she posted on Instagram, she wore a black dress with a high collar paired with a bright white tie. The dress was designed with a line of buttons straight down the center, starting at the top of her chest.

Since the black dress was sleeveless, her shoulders and arms were completely visible, as well as part of her neck.

Jessica wore her flawless red hair parted in the middle and tucked behind both ears flowing down behind her back. Her makeup looked absolutely perfect with clean-cut eyeliner, foundation, lashes, a natural shade of lipstick, and lightweight blush.

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