Jessica Alba twins with daughter Haven in adorable dance video

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba rocks pink and white while dancing with her daughter. Pic credit: @jessicaalba/Instagram

Jessica Alba looked fresh and youthful in a recent video with her young daughter. 

Jessica, who is 41, partook in a TikTok Dance Challenge with her 11-year-old daughter, Haven, in matching outfits.  

The video was a throwback to summer as the ladies matched in colorful crop tops and white pants. 

Jessica shared the mother-daughter video with her 19.8 million followers, and it’s received two million views thus far. 

The video also received lots of likes and comments as fans raved about how adorable the video was and how Jessica is clearly a cool mom. 

Many fans also felt the video was reminiscent of Jessica’s starring role in the 2003 dance film Honey. 

Jessica Alba shows off her moves with daughter Haven 

Jessica Alba proved that her beauty is ageless and that she’s still up to date with the youth and their TikTok dances. 

While filming indoors, Jessica and Haven stood in doors while dancing along to a guided dance routine as Jessica chewed gum. 

Jessica wore a pink crop top, giving a peek of her toned midriff, and a pair of baggy white pants. 

Along with the top and pants, Jessica also wore earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, and her dark hair was down in loose waves. 

Like her shirt, her makeup also had a pink vibe with subtle blush and a glossy pink lip. 

Haven wore a red tank top with white trim and white pants, also wearing hoop earrings like her mom. 

The ladies kept up with the steps of the dance moves while smiling and enjoying themselves. 

Jessica captioned the post, “from the summer archives. thx @realadamrose for the dance inspo!”

Jessica Alba’s fans react to her dance video 

Jessica’s video was a hit with her followers, although she received a few critiques for her gum chewing in the video. Overall though, the comments were very positive. 

A commenter wrote, “Forever honey!” 

Another questioned, “Why do you look so young Omg.” 

A commenter declared, “mom is Hot,” and another shared, “I be lovin ur hand movements.” 

One reactor expressed, “Very cute but the gum chewing is no bueno.” 

Jessica Alba's comments
Pic credit: @jessicaalba/Instagram

More positive comments included a supporter who gushed, “Omg how cute the both of youse love youse a lot like a lot lot.” 

Jessica Alba's comments
Pic credit: @jessicaalba/Instagram

Jessica and Haven received praise from another commenter who shared, “y’all are so cool like I aspire to be as cool as the two of you istg.” 

Other comments included “Yesss, Honeeey,” and “Love it.”  

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