Jessica Alba stuns in little black dress for a ‘special night’

Jessica alba stuns in little black dress
Jessica Alba looked gorgeous in a little black dress, accompanied by her husband, Cash Warren. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Jessica Alba showed that she was beauty, brains, and is a bit of a boss at a recent awards show where she dressed to the nines.

Jessica went to the Golden Heart Awards held by American designer Michael Kors. The Sin City actress attended the award show with her husband, Cash Warren.

Accordingly, she wore a piece by Michael Kors to the event, opting for a stunning black gown with asymmetrical straps.

At the show, she received an award for her philanthropic efforts.

Jessica shared a six-part Instagram post featuring her red carpet look and her speech at the podium.

She posted the content for her 19.9 million followers and was rewarded with likes and comments for the share.

Jessica Alba stuns in black little black dress

Jessica looked as beautiful as ever in a braless black dress.

One side of the dress was completely strapless, while the other was held with a gold, rectangular fastener that attached the bodice to the strap.

Once she entered the venue, she received honors. Specifically, Jessica won The Michael Kors Award for Outstanding Philanthropy.

She wore a statement bangle in a gorgeous chrome color and carried a chrome clutch with snakeskin imprinted.

The businesswoman was sure to plug her line.

The final part of the post showed the actress in the mirror as she dabbed some makeup on her under-eye area. As a mother of three children with a multi-million dollar business, it isn’t hard to imagine how Jessica could miss a few hours of sleep and suffer physical effects.

Luckily, she had her Honest Beauty on deck to solve the problem.

Jessica Alba’s successful company

Jessica launched her company at age 29 as a cleaning product line without toxic additives, which were present in most items available for retail purchase.

When she began the venture, she had no idea what was coming, but she knew how to define success.

Jessica sat down with CNBC, where she discussed her humble beginnings. She also shared her definition of success, which was likely relatable to many readers.

Jessica shared, “Successful, for me, means: I don’t have to live month to month. That was a stress and a burden that I lived with growing up, and when you’re in survival mode, it’s very difficult to have aspirations of the life that you dream of having.”

The Honest Company’s $550 million valuation means the actress probably won’t have to live month to month ever again.

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