Jessa Duggar shares emotional Facebook post, more details about Lauren’s miscarriage

Jessa Duggar during a Counting On confessional
Jessa Duggar and Lauren Swanson had the same due date. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are expecting their third child. The announcement came a month ago, shortly before the new season of Counting On returned to TLC.

The latest Seewald baby is due sometime in June and it will be a bittersweet moment for the entire Duggar family. Not only will Jessa become a mom to three little ones, but the loss of another child will also cloud the due date.

Facebook post brings more information about Lauren Swanson’s miscarriage

It was revealed earlier this month that Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar suffered a miscarriage shortly after finding out they were pregnant.

Jessa Duggar shared a Facebook post today that revealed she hit 25 weeks into her pregnancy. She went on to explain that her due date wasn’t hers alone, but that she shared it with her sister-in-law, Lauren.

Losing their baby hit Lauren and Josiah Duggar hard. She had already told family members, and prior to them being able to reveal their loss, some footage of Counting On from this season was leaked. In it, it was revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage, something that rocked their world.

This isn’t new territory for the Duggar family as Michelle Duggar has also experienced loss through a pregnancy. As they mourn the baby that was supposed to be the first for Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar, they are also celebrating the life that Jessa Duggar is about to bring into the world.

When will the newest Duggar grandchild be born?

In the Facebook post, Jessa Duggar reveals how far along she actually is. This is what viewers have been wondering, and with that information, a more approximate due date. It looks like Jessa Duggar will give birth at the very end of May or early June.

While Ben Seewald’s mom confirmed that Jessa Duggar has a June due date, she may even give birth early. As of now, the sex of the baby has not been revealed. There is hope the couple will welcome a little girl as they already have two little boys.

Counting On airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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