Jessa Duggar responds to critic after comments about Meredith Duggar on Instagram

Jessa Duggar in a Counting On confessional
Jessa Duggar is feisty. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar isn’t afraid to use sass when necessary. She shares plenty about her life on social media and is one of the more active family members in the bunch. Duggar is currently raising two sons and being a boy mom isn’t always for everyone.

With Christmas passing, Jessa has shared quite a few pictures. One, in particular, caused a lot of stir with some of her followers. When Duggar responded to the comment, many praised her for clapping back.

The Instagram photo

Of all things, the Instagram photo that is garnering attention is of Jessa Duggar’s son, Henry and his cousin, Meredith. The children were playing with a toy and she captured the moment during the family’s Christmas celebration. Unfortunately, the Duggar critics were out in full force.

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Meredith’s feet appear to have a little dirt on them and that is what set the chain of events into motion. Not only did someone comment about that, but that encouraged more people to point it out.

Jessa Duggar wasted no time letting them know it was 60 degrees outside and they were going barefoot. It wasn’t a big deal to her and it shouldn’t be to anyone else.

Jessa is the clap back queen

After the Josh Duggar scandal back in 2015, things got complicated for the family. Critics lined up in droves to criticize the family and make remarks. Jessa Duggar has come to the defense of her family on social media and will often clap back at those who are just being rude.

A screenshot of Jessa Duggar Seewald responding to comments on Instagram
Jessa was quick to respond to criticism about Meredith’s dirty feet. Pic credit: jessaseewald/Instagram

“Mine look about the same,” Jessa responded. “It’s 60 degrees outside today. That’s barefoot weather.

Then Jessa took a moment to correct comments about Meredith taking Henry’s toy. It turns out, it was actually Meredith’s toy and Henry was the one not playing nice.

Jessa Duggar isn’t one to just let anyone drag her on social media. She speaks her mind and defends herself quite often.

In fact, she has even gone head to head with her oldest sister Jana. It was rumored for a while the two were always at odds and didn’t along well at all. While they both denied that, there was definitely noticeable tension at times.

Counting On is expected to return to TLC in early 2019.

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