Jeremy Meeks net worth, modeling update, and everything else you need to know

Jeremy Meeks shares a photo of himself wearing Fashion Nova on Instagram
A lot has changed for Jeremy Meeks over the last few years, including his net worth — Pic credit: @jmeeksofficial/Instagram

Jeremy Meeks shot to fame in the most unusual way. After getting arrested in a gang sweep in Stockton, California and charged with grand theft and possession of a firearm, Jeremy’s mugshot went viral.

Even after heading to prison, the chatter about Jeremy Meeks never stopped. He was sentenced to 27-months for his crimes and even that wasn’t enough to stop him from squeezing everything he could out of his newfound 15 minutes of fame.

He was dubbed the “hot felon” and quickly signed with White Cross Management, a modeling agency. Things were looking great for Meeks, who had never been famous in his life before his mugshot went viral.

Though he was married to Melissa Meeks at the time, that didn’t stop Jeremy from moving on. Mrs. Meeks found out that Jeremy was in a whole new relationship after pictures surfaced of the “hot felon” on a yacht with Topshop heiress Chloe Green.

It turns out that their budding relationship was actually serious and Jeremy ended up divorcing Melissa Meeks so that he could move on with Chloe.

It didn’t take long for the pair to announce that Chloe was pregnant with Jeremy’s child. Their first son together, Jayden Meeks-Green, was born on May 29. Jeremy has an older son, Jeremy Jr., whom he shares custody of with his ex-wife.

When it comes to money, Jeremy Meeks’ net worth was next to nothing prior to his modeling career and relationship with Chloe Green. Even though he’s living in the spotlight now, there’s still no definitive data showing how much Jeremy makes for his modeling gigs.

He is still busy modeling and appearing in music videos, though. Jeremy is active on Instagram and often shares magazine covers and pictures from his many photo shoots. It’s safe to say that he’s still a hot commodity on runways and for photo shoots, keeping him employed and very busy.

During his very messy divorce from Melissa Meeks, she claimed her then-husband Jeremy was pulling in a million dollars per month. She claimed to only be making $10,000 per month and asked for spousal and child support in their divorce.

In the end, Melissa was awarded $1,000 per month in child support and did not receive spousal support at all. Her attorney, Lisa Bloom, said at the time that she was happy for her client and that Melissa was awarded 25 percent more than the legal guidelines list as a minimum child support payment.

According to the documents filed in court, Jeremy Meeks’ monthly income is $6,000, which is less than his ex-wife Melissa was claiming.  Based on that, it looks like Meeks still doesn’t have a very high net worth but his relationship with Chloe Green is helping him to live a life of luxury.

And while the extent of Chloe’s net worth is also not known, she is the daughter of Topshop billionaire Sir Philip Green and is in line to inherit his fortune. He is said to be worth a whopping $5 billion.

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