Jeremy Camp: Who is the Christian singer KJ Apa plays in I Still Believe film?

KI Apa plays Jeremy Camp in I Still Believe
KJ Apa is brining Jeremy Camp’s life story to the big screen. Pic credit: © and Admedia

The new trailer for I Still Believe has dropped, and Riverdale fans are falling even more in love with KJ Apa, who plays Christian singer Jeremy Camp.

Lionsgate gave fans another look at the movie based on Jeremy’s real-life journey to becoming a mega music star. At the center of the film is the romance between Jeremy and his first wife, Melissa Henning, who he falls in love with as she is battling ovarian cancer.

Their love story is one for the books. It was beautiful, painful, and short, but so fulfilling at the same time. Melissa and Jeremy’s romance was true young love in the most profound form that could have been straight out of a movie.

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I Still Believe is a movie, but the romance featured in it was the real deal. Jeremy met Melissa at one of his concerts. He was on stage, and she was in the audience. Melissa’s faith in Christ is one of the things Jeremy loved about his first wife the most. She was just 21, and he was 23 when they met.

They got married in 2000, but Melissa lost her fight with ovarian cancer four months later. Jeremy truly believes Melissa’s legacy is still helping lead others to Christ, nearly two decades after her death. He wrote the song I Still Believe while dealing with the loss of Melissa.

Although the new movie is highlighting his time with Melissa, Jeremy has led quite a fascinating life since losing her. The talented singer has been fortunate enough to have his music, which consists of ballads and up-tempo songs with a rock influence, touch the lives of so many people.

Jeremy has found great success with his career. He has won three Gospel Music Association Awards, as well as been nominated for a few Grammy Awards and American Music Awards. Plus, Jeremy has over 32 #1 hits on Christian Radio. He has also embarked on tour several times, even putting together the DVD, In24, where he chronicled a day in his life on tour.

Along with becoming a successful musician, Jeremy also found love again with Adrienne Liesching. She was the frontwoman for the Christian rock band, The Benjamin Gate. They wed in 2003, three years after he lost Melissa. Adrienne and Jeremy have three children, daughters Isabella and Arianne, as well as son Egan.

The talented singer continues to rely on his Christian faith today. It is at the core of his family and his career. Jeremy is also an ordained minister.

KJ Apa is taking on the role of Jeremy Camp in I Still Believe. The actor had big shoes to fill, but if the trailer is any indication, KJ is doing a fantastic job. Britt Robertson plays Melissa.

I Still Believe hits theaters on March 13.

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