Jenny McCarthy’s fans accuse hubby Donnie Wahlberg of getting plastic surgery: ‘Definitely got some work done’

Donnie and Jenny pose for photographers on the red carpet in NYC. Pic credit: © Van Tine/StarMaxWorldwide

The Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy was recently accused of having a boatload of plastic surgery, and now her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, is being accused of the same.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Jenny’s fans and critics took notice of her seemingly altered appearance during a September 2023 appearance on The Today Show, deeming her “unrecognizable.”

A recent photo uploaded to Instagram of Jenny and Donnie has fans and critics wondering whether Donnie followed in Jenny’s footsteps and had a few nips and tucks.

Jenny and Donnie recently enjoyed a Depeche Mode concert for a fun date night.

The couple posed for a sweet couple’s snap from their seats, which Jenny uploaded to her Instagram, captioning it, “@depechemode with @donniewahlberg 💖. #datenight. #justcantgetenough.”

Jenny’s post was met with more than 17,000 likes, and in the comments section, many of her 1.6 million followers were happy to see her and Donnie enjoying themselves and commented on how fabulous she and Donnie looked.

Jenny McCarthy’s fans question Donnie Wahlberg’s youthful appearance

More than a handful of Instagram users noticed Donnie looked more youthful than usual.

“Lol ok Donny definitely got some work done….not hating just saying,” wrote one of Jenny’s IG followers.

Many more of Jenny’s IG followers echoed the sentiment and surmised what work Donnie might have gotten done recently.

donnie wahlberg instagram plastic surgery comments
Did Donnie have work done to obtain his youthful appearance? Pic credit: @jennymccarthy/Instagram

“Most likely hair transplants, beard dye and to see the least as far as face tightening, well hes starting to look like axl rose,” guessed one Instagram user.

donnie wahlberg instagram plastic surgery comments
Jenny’s IG followers speculate what cosmetic work Donnie may have undergone. Pic credit: @jennymccarthy/Instagram

Another guessed that the 54-year-old has had Botox, veneers, and filler.

donnie wahlberg instagram plastic surgery comments
Donnie’s supporters weren’t fazed by his youthful appearance. Pic credit: @jennymccarthy/Instagram

Among the speculation that Donnie has gone under the knife or tweaked his appearance with some neurotoxins and fillers, his fans weren’t bothered by the fact that perhaps he got a little nip and tuck.

Donnie’s fans don’t care whether the NKOTB star had work done or not

“Who cares? They’re a gorgeous couple! I’d do it too if I had the $. Leave em alone!” wrote one of Donnie’s supporters.

Another added, “I’m also thinking they used an insta filter but who cares. I think it’s great to take care of your appearance and care about the way you present yourself. ESP when your on a date with your spouse.”

Jenny has been open about the work she’s had done to her face and body to keep herself looking as youthful as possible — including Botox injections and two breast augmentations — but what about her husband of nine years, NKOTB crooner Donnie?

Donnie has been in the limelight since the 1980s when New Kids on the Block first achieved stardom, and has been entertaining his fans with his singing, dancing, and acting skills ever since.

It’s unclear whether Donnie has gotten any work done, but whatever his secret to maintaining his youthful appearance is, it’s working.

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real person
real person
2 months ago

I never found him attractive. His eyes are like slits. Its obvious he’s had a ton of work done including fake veneer teeth and hair transplant. She doesnt even look the same.