Jenny McCarthy under fire for touting her ‘fake’ teeth: ‘Those are not the ones you were born with’

Jenny is under fire for showing off her pearly whites. Pic credit: ©

Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s … veneers?

Jenny McCarthy is happy that she finally found the “best” dentist, but her critics are more focused on her artificial-looking teeth.

The Masked Singer judge is under fire for showing off her bright smile because her naysayers think they aren’t really hers.

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In an Instagram post to kick off the weekend, Jenny posted a selfie including herself and her dentist, Dr. Lodding.

Jenny sat in her dental chair for the snap, wearing sunglasses to shield her eyes from the harsh lighting, and flashed her pearly whites.

Jenny’s dentist, Dr. Lodding, stood next to her, also smiling big for the selfie and giving a thumbs-up.

“When you start loving going to the dentist means you found the best dentist,” Jenny captioned the post, tagging Dr. Lodding’s Instagram handle and adding the hashtags #teeth, #dentist, #stcharlesil, #elgin, #smile, #teethcleaning, and #teethwhitening.

In nine hours, Jenny’s post received over 3,000 likes, and in the comments section, feedback ranged from her fans and followers complimenting her white smile to others touting Dr. Lodding, while some focused on something else entirely.

Naysayers take aim at Jenny McCarthy’s smile: ‘Your teeth are fake’

There were quite a few skeptics who were convinced that Jenny’s teeth aren’t her own.

“It also helps when all ur teeth r fake,” wrote one Instagram user.

Another one noted, “Them fake ones look shiny.”

jenny mccarthy instagram teeth comments
Jenny’s critics called her out. Pic credit: @jennymccarthy/Instagram

“Are those veneers?” asked another.

Echoing the sentiment, another one of Jenny’s critics wrote, “Veneers -full disclosure.”

“Those are not the ones you were born with but enjoy,” they continued.

Agreeing that Jenny’s teeth appeared to be fake, an Instagram user replied, “And natural/real teeth are not that white.”

Jenny and her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, laud their dentist’s office

As it turns out, Jenny and her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, are big fans of Dr. Lodding’s office.

On his Instagram page, Dr. Lodding features videos of Jenny and Donnie gushing over his office and staff.

Jenny likened her experience at Dr. Lodding’s office to a visit to a relative’s house.

Donnie is also featured on Smile for Life’s Instagram feed and admits that it’s “crazy” to say that his experience at the dental office is “relaxing and incredibly satisfying.”

Donnie claimed that he used to try and meditate in his dentist’s chair in the past due to his fear of having dental work performed.

But now, Donnie says that going to the dentist feels like getting “spoiled for a few hours.”

Clearly, Jenny pays close attention (and likely a pretty penny) to her teeth, as evidenced by her bright white, perfectly straight bite. Whether or not they’re “real” or not, however, is up for discussion.

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Kathy Hummel
Kathy Hummel
1 day ago

Your teeth are beautiful no matter what others think!