Jenny McCarthy reveals husband Donnie Wahlberg’s reaction to her racy SKIMS ad with Carmen Electra

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Jenny and Donnie pose for photographers on the red carpet at the Microsoft Theater. Pic credit: ©

Jenny McCarthy had jaws dropping and tongues wagging when she teamed up with Carmen Electra for a SKIMS ad this summer.

Jenny, 50, and Carmen, 51, proved that age is just a number when the former Singled Out hostesses donned skimpy bikinis for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS swimsuit line.

Jenny and Carmen had just two days to prepare for the shoot, and admittedly, they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.

Jenny confessed that she “had no idea” that a car, hose, and sudsy bubbles would be part of the shoot. In fact, she thought she was just going to be standing around posing in a bikini.

However, “all hell broke loose” once she and Carmen got on set, and the final product was one for the books — as she said, “Not bad for 50-year-olds.”

Not only did the racy ad impress SKIMS customers, but Jenny’s husband of nine years, Donnie Wahlberg, also found his wife’s spicy bikini ads quite literally too hot to handle.

During a recent interview with E News! hosts Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and Justin Sylvester, Jenny dished on her SKIMS ad and how Donnie reacted to the risque content.

Donnie Wahlberg had a physical reaction to wife Jenny McCarthy’s steamy photoshoot for SKIMS

The former Playmate of the Year revealed, “My husband nearly fainted. The first time I showed him, he fell off the couch, and then he fell off the treadmill.”

Jenny also talked about fans spotting her and Donnie in public and noted that people are “sweet” and “very, very positive” when approaching them.

Depending on where they are, Jenny said that Donnie’s fans — “Donnie Girls” or “Blockheads” as they’re called — get a little bit rambunctious, screaming and even pushing her out of the way to get to the NKOTB crooner.

Jenny joked that her fans are more reserved, mostly moms looking at her with “concerned” eyes, while Donnie’s fan base is more excitable.

Jenny also shared that sometimes Donnie’s fans are completely obsessed with him and don’t even recognize her and will even ask her to take their picture as though she’s a regular bystander.

The Masked Singer judge admitted that she doesn’t mind, though, because, as she says, they’re both there to “Light each other’s star up.”

Jenny dished on keeping her and Donnie’s marriage ‘spicy’ for nearly a decade

The power couple has found ways to light each other’s star up in other ways, too. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Jenny spilled the tea on keeping her nearly decade-long marriage to Donnie “spicy.”

In addition to renewing their wedding vows every year, Jenny admitted that she and the Blue Bloods star create “sexy rooms” in their home where they can share some alone time without interruptions, especially from their kids.

“Find the place that you guys can have some quiet, uninterrupted time, especially if you have kids,” Jenny said, suggesting that couples get creative and use a closet, a sauna, or even the garage to sneak off together.

“So you guys have a safe, quiet space to always go to, to be romantic,” Jenny added.

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