Jenny McCarthy and husband Donnie Wahlberg show off their stylish sides for ‘classy’ date night

donnie wahlberg and jenny mccarthy NYE
Donnie and Jenny appear at a NYE event in Times Square. Pic credit: © Means/ACE Pictures

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg wowed their fans with their style as the couple enjoyed a night together on the town.

The Masked Singer judge and her Blue Bloods actor husband recently got gussied up for a date night and showed off their best looks as well as some dance moves.

Jenny, 51, and Donnie, 54, wore matching white ensembles as they headed out for the evening, looking sophisticated as ever.

Jenny opted for a form-fitting white minidress paired with gold, strappy heels, while Donnie looked dapper in his white suit with a white tie and black leather shoes.

Jenny first shared footage of their date night on her Instagram feed this week in a Reel she captioned, “He’s my one and only. ❤️ @donniewahlberg
#love #dancing #couples #datenight.”

In the video, set to the song Count on Me by Bruno Mars, Jenny shared footage of place settings with her and Donnie’s name on the napkins, as well as some footage of them dancing in the lobby of the restaurant.

The duo showed off their best dance moves as Donnie twirled his wife a few times, then dipped Jenny, both of them smiling throughout.

Donnie also shared some footage from their fancy night out, with his Instagram Reel set to the song Confidence by Ocean Alley.

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy show off their style and their dance moves during a date night

Donnie and Jenny walked down the hallway arm-in-arm toward the camera in slow motion, giving their fans a good look at their fashionable ensembles.

“Spring time here we come! Friday here we come! Weekend here we come! ❤️🕺🏼💃🏼💫✨😎,” Donnie wrote in the accompanying caption, adding the hashtags #love, #fun, #spring, #dance, #happy, #leo, and #scorpio.

In the comments section of Donnie’s post, his and Jenny’s fans and followers gushed over the pair.

Fans gush over Jenny and Donnie: ‘Such a stylish duo’

“Now this is utter class, right here!!!” @mimirnew said of Jenny and Donnie.

Another fan called Donnie and Jenny “Such a stylish duo.”

jenny and donnie's fans comment on their date night on instagram
Pic credit: @donniewahlberg/Instagram

Others commented on how “hot” the couple looked, calling them “The hottest” couple” and pointing out that Jenny and Donnie exuded “Hotness all around!”

Jenny and Donnie take great care of their marriage

Jenny and Donnie prioritize their nearly 10-year-long marriage and make sure to incorporate regular date nights into their busy lives.

In addition to scheduled date nights, Jenny and Donnie also have “sexy rooms” in their home, where they can escape alone for a safe, quiet space to get romantic.

They also renew their wedding vows every single year.

Despite the praise Jenny and Donnie get for the work they put into their marriage, they don’t appreciate the label “Hollywood couple.”

“We kind of shudder at the term Hollywood couple,” Donnie admitted to Fox News Digital.

“We’re like, first of all, we’re going to last more than two years. Second of all, we’re not a Hollywood couple. We’re a couple,” he added.

“Hollywood has nothing to do with our relationship, and frankly, we have very little to do with Hollywood.”

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