Jennifer Lopez stuns in series of photos ‘from the archives’

Jennifer Lopez takes a selfie.
Jennifer Lopez sizzled as she rocked a variety of showy attire and gripped a lollipop. Pic credit: @jlo/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez keeps working the throwbacks as she appears to be in full reminiscent mode.

The singer and actress, who got her start on the show In Living Color and as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson in the early 90s, has been going through the archives lately as she continues to remind fans how long she has boasted her superstar status.

Over a week ago, Jennifer hopped on her social media page to celebrate the upcoming-20-year anniversary of her third studio album, This Is Me…Then, with Jen dedicating the month of November to memories from that era.

Just two days ago, J Lo shared a snippet of her time shooting the music video for her hit All I Have with LL Cool J.

Before that, Jennifer got some major 2000s vibes going with a photo dump of previously-unseen pics, the singer rocking a tan beret, a translucent top, and tight, tan shorts.

After dotting her account with just a couple of recent photoshoot snaps, Jennifer was back to her walk down memory lane as she sizzled in some more archived pics from her past.

Jennifer Lopez rocks skin-baring attire

Jennifer kicked off her next round of memories with a stunning shot of herself close-up, her lengthy brunette locks tossed across her face for added effect, and her lips parted.

A hint of a leather outfit could be seen, with a circle of black going around her neck as a strip of material seemed to cover up her chest.

The next two shots gave a much better view of the ensemble, with Jennifer showing off her ever-toned physique in the shiny garment that hugged her skin.

Massive cut-outs decorated the upper bodice, leaving plenty of peeks at her curves and toned abs.

A quick costume change put Jennifer into a tiny baby doll-esque minidress, the hemline capping off at the top of her thighs while underwear bottoms provided the primary coverage along her upper legs.

Up top, J Lo showed off strong arms with a strapless look as a little bow cinched together at her mid-bust and knee-high boots decorated her long legs.

The next pose saw Jen as she stood sideways towards the lens in a flirty jumper, shiny pink pumps adding extra height to her stature.

Keeping up with the back-to-the-camera angle, Jen then swapped out her jumper for a black-and-white-checkered one-piece.

Giving an over-the-shoulder gaze, Jen popped one leg forward to push her toes off the tip of her heels.

Jennifer Lopez sizzles in a swimsuit with a lollipop

Saving the best for last, Jennifer gave a jaw-dropping pose for her seventh and final shot.

Rocking a vibrantly-hued swimsuit colored in pink, black, white, and green blocks, Jennifer knelt down and pushed her upper body back slightly to add a little curve to her back.

Wearing the same black-and-white heels from her checkered clothing segment, Jennifer looked stunning with her hair styled in a 60s-inspired updo, with the top half swept up in a teased, high ponytail and a chunk of bangs going across her face.

The flattering swimwear looked to be made of a variety of materials, with the traditional stretchy swatches making up most of it while a couple of leathery-looking bits went down her lower half and in a choker ring around her neck.

Wearing amber shades on her eyes and gripping a red lollipop in her manicured hand, Jennifer could have very well been posing in the present day as the singer hardly looks a day over 30.

Jennifer Lopez shares skincare tips using the JLo Beauty line

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Jennifer often promotes her personal beauty line, JLo Beauty, as the main source of her seemingly-eternal youth.

Jennifer likes to begin her ritual with the JLo serum, giving the liquid time to settle before moving on to the next step.

Next, she applies sunscreen, having admitted that she has devotedly used skin protectors since she was a teenager and now believes that early habit has helped her to maintain her looks into her 50s.

Jennifer finishes off her routine with some dabs of eye cream, which she applies under her eyes and along her forehead.

Earlier this year, Jennifer touted her serum as her favorite product, saying that it was the primary product behind the magic of her elastic, glowing, taut facial features.

Regardless of whatever products the performer uses, one thing is for sure: Jennifer Lopez holds a special place in her fans’ hearts and her undying beauty remains the stuff of Hollywood legend.

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