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Jennifer Lopez soaks in marble bath on honeymoon

Jennifer Lopez up close.
Jennifer Lopez is soaking herself in a lavish marble bathroom in Paris as she celebrates self-care. Pic credit: © Gatchalian/StarMaxWorldwide

Jennifer Lopez is soaking her bones in a luxurious bath and recording the process as she celebrates self-care.

The triple-threat actress, singer, and dancer shared a short video on social media, offering a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of a superstar.

Jennifer luxuriated in a bath and took her camera with her as she documented the process.

She posted the clip to her J.Lo Beauty Instagram, which enjoys a respectable following of 859k fans.

J.Lo also teased the post on her Instagram Story, where she has an impressive 220 million followers, placing more eyes on the intimate share.

The video was especially noteworthy because it appeared to take place during her romantic honeymoon following her August wedding ceremony to rekindled love Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez enjoys a marble bath soak while dripping in diamonds

The video started with Jennifer in an opulent marble bath, which she revealed in the caption was in the City of Love, Paris. She sat in the structure, made entirely of the rare stone, with her hair in an updo and dripping in diamonds. She recorded her reflection across the washroom, revealing various perfumes and lotions in glass with gold lids.

Then, Jennifer offered a 360-degree view of the space as she panned around the room, revealing marble walls and floors. Across the room was a fluffy white robe with gold writing that read, “Just Married.” Jennifer zoomed in on the writing for extra emphasis, allowing viewers to read what was written on the robe.

Next, Jennifer began recording her JLo beauty products, which lined the marble bath. Finally, she returned the camera to her image as she smiled and rested her head on her hand.

Classical music played in the background, adding to the elegant nature of the clip.

Jennifer’s caption read, “Self care in Paris is always a good idea.”

It seemed appropriate that Jennifer had a fairytale honeymoon following a wedding ceremony straight out of the story books.

Jennifer Lopez has lavish Georgia wedding with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez married Ben Affleck during an unexpected Las Vegas chapel wedding, but the two had another ceremony for friends and family to celebrate their love.

The wedding was held in August on Ben’s 87-acre estate in Georgia. The location was significant because Ben purchased the property twenty years ago when he and J.Lo were engaged for the first time.

The ceremony lasted 45 minutes, with 135 friends and family members present.

Next, the two jetted off to Lake Como to continue the celebration of their love.

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