Jennifer Lopez shows off latest look for Coach campaign

Jennifer Lopez close up
Jennifer Lopez looked sensational as she posed for new photos for her campaign with Coach. Pic credit: ©

Jennifer Lopez proved once again that she knows how to not only dominate the silver screen with her acting prowess but also magazine spreads everywhere with her impeccable sense of style and stunning good looks.

The 53-year-old singer and movie star, who recently celebrated the release of her latest rom-com flick, Shotgun Wedding, reminded fans that she isn’t just a movie star with her most recent shoot.

Sharing a series of pics on her social media page, Jennifer showed off her newest attire for her campaign with Coach.

Bringing a hint of Spring to the web, Jennifer posed first in a seated position, using a wooden crate as her resting platform while giving her signature fierce look at the lens.

Rocking fringe bangs that hung against her brows and swept off to each side of her face, Jennifer rested her chin against a manicured hand.

She made her bulky, cable-knit sweater look effortlessly stunning as it was the only garment the star was wearing, save for black underwear and a matching bra.

An enlarged photo of a skyscraper scene lay against a wall to Jennifer’s back, and white heels with a white floral embellishment on top adorned her bare feet.

Jennifer Lopez stuns in a sweater for Coach

In her next shot, Jennifer gave a modelesque angle to her body, crouching low and turning her torso to one side while her knees bent to push her legs in the opposite direction, making for a very eye-catching snap.

This time, her brunette locks looked to be in mid-motion, blowing away from her face in wispy strands.

Her black bra and underwear were more visible, and the sweater’s back pocket stood out along Jennifer’s hip, the light-blue knit design helping add color to the tan piece.

For her final snap, Jennifer worked it even more than fans might have thought possible, leaning farther back against her arm as her lean legs took center stage.

Hoop earrings could be seen decorating her ears, and the cardigan slumped fashionably off one shoulder.

“First Look 👀 … Spring is in the air 🌼” Jennifer captioned the series before tagging Coach NY.

Jennifer Lopez talks about her campaign with Coach

Joining forces with Coach last fall, Jennifer shared a bit of her journey with the brand and why she decided to partner with them.

Opening up to PEOPLE about her holiday shoot, Jennifer said, “Coach’s holiday campaign captures a child-like sense of wonder and excitement that all of us can relate to.”

“The holidays are so magical when you are a kid and it was so fun to tap into that spirit again. It was a rare opportunity that I got to play and have fun during a photo shoot!” she added.

Modeling a variety of winter-appropriate apparel for the campaign, Jennifer proved that the cold months don’t have to be boring as she wore a stylish puffer coat with sleek pants for one look and a coordinating chevron-patterned blazer and pants with a red handbag.

“It’s the go-anywhere bag and festive for the season,” she shared, adding that the red hue and leather make it the perfect addition to any holiday ensemble.

The Tabby Shoulder Bag 26 can typically be found for sale on the Coach website; however, the item is currently sold out, but other Tabby purses are available at a range of prices that start at $195 and go well above $500.

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