Jennifer Lopez shows off her glow in a black swimsuit to promote JLo Beauty

Jennifer Lopez poses for a selfie.
Jennifer Lopez showed off her incredible physique while clad in a sexy swimsuit to promote her beauty line. Pic credit: @jlo/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez made sure her followers remembered all of her talents as she hopped online to promote her beauty line.

The 53-year-old singer and star of films such as Marry Me and The Wedding Planner has continued to show her fan base that she is a woman of many talents and seemingly never ceases to slow down.

Hopping onto her social media page for a quick promo session, Jennifer once again proved that she has brains and beauty as she posed in a stunning, black one-piece.

Seen with her long, brunette hair down around her shoulders, Jennifer gave her signature fierce gaze at the camera lens, keeping her mauve lips slightly open for a serious vibe.

With perfectly outlined lids and lashes decorating her eyes, Jennifer looked ageless as she rocked the plunging swimwear that adorned her toned physique.

Sporting two thick straps around the shoulder areas, the swimsuit angled downward to curve into a deep U shape along the singer’s chest.

Jennifer Lopez sizzles in a striking black swimsuit

Jen’s flat abs, though not visible beneath the garment’s material, were still plainly evident as the suit gracefully hugged her body.

Her muscular legs could just be made out jutting from underneath the hemline of the suit, cropping off at the upper thigh area at the bottom of the frame.

Jennifer Lopez poses in a stunning black swimsuit to promote her beauty line.
Pic credit: @jlo/Instagram

“My body achieves what my mind believes,” she captioned the gorgeous shot before hashtagging Motivation Monday and signing her name along with her title as the Founder of JLo Beauty.

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Jennifer Lopez goes topless to announce what’s new for JLo Beauty line

Just a handful of days ago, Jennifer took to her Instagram page to share some exciting news with her fans, going with a topless pic to relay the information that her JLo Beauty line would be welcoming new products this year.

Looking as dazzling and glowing as ever, Jennifer covered up her bare chest with her arms while telling the populace to expect two new beauty products to come out soon.

Tighten + Tease Ultimate Body Serum and The Smooth + Seduce Hydrating Body Cream were the duo mentioned by the star as the newcomers to her brand.

Jen told fans in a short clip that the pair would provide a “more radiant, brighter-looking appearance” and “immediate hydration while helping reduce the appearance of skin dimpling and loss of firmness.”

Jennifer Lopez shares her beauty secrets

Not one to miss an opportunity to divulge her skincare secrets with her fans, Jennifer went more in-depth last spring about how she keeps her youthful appearance.

In March, she went makeup-free to give a step-by-step of her exact skincare ritual, telling followers her products helped her skin feel revived after long hours of filming.

“I gotta tell you guys, this is no bulls**t,” she told fans in the clip. “This is not me trying to sell anything to you. This is me sharing with you the secrets that I am trying to give you that you’ve asked for.”

Jennifer panned the camera across her bathroom counter to show the line-up of her beauty products that lay waiting for her to use, telling fans that she always feels “a little run-down” when she is coming to the end of shooting a film, especially if it involves lots of action scenes.

She then grabbed what she called her “‘old faithful” product, pumping some of her JLo Glow serum into her palms before applying it to her face.

Jen touted the serum as the reason for her glowing, clear, and young-looking complexion, rubbing another pump across her chest, neck, and cheeks before relaying that she had used the JLo Cleanser prior to her serum session.

“Look at my skin! It has cleared up, it is glowy, it is luminescent, I just wanna keep putting more and more on,” she exuberantly shared.

“When I’m moved by something I just have to share it!” she captioned the video.

“That JLo Glow Serum is my secret sauce for that limitless glow,✨even while ? filming nights for weeks straight on location far away! This serum (my baby) works for all skin types and can seriously revive skin back to SUPERSTAR status,” she concluded.

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