Jennifer Lopez shares ‘tips and tricks’ to get that J.Lo glow

Jennifer Lopez poses on the red carpet at the premiere of Shotgun Wedding.
Jennifer Lopez showed her fans how to achieve a head-to-toe glow as she promoted her beauty brand JLo Beauty. Pic credit: ©

Jennifer Lopez showed off her famous glowy skin and ageless good looks as she worked in promotional time online.

The superstar, who recently stunned on the red carpet for the premiere of her latest film, Shotgun Wedding, continued her social media hot streak as she sneaked in brand promotion for her JLo Beauty line.

Captioning the shot with a hashtag for JLoBody Application, saying, “Tips & Tricks…to achieve that head-to-toe GLOW,” Jennifer certainly made it seem like her product line holds the secrets to boasting a stunning and youthful appearance.

Going with a topless look for the snap, Jennifer wowed for the beauty plug as she let her illuminated torso and facial features do the talking in support of her body products.

Leaving her caramel-hued locks down to hang along her back, Jennifer stood with her side facing the lens as she gazed off into the distance and wrapped her arms around herself.

While Jen’s face and skin looked to have been brushed with golden bronzer, the rest of her features were left largely untouched save for heavy outlines of mascara on her lashes.

Jennifer Lopez talks about new JLo Beauty products

Jennifer often uses her social media site to spread the word about her latest beauty products, and the actress and singer recently talked up her brand with another risque snap.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Jennifer shared some exciting news with her followers regarding the upcoming arrival of brand-new products to her company.

Jen shared that she would be expanding her line to include a Tighten + Tease Ultimate Body Serum and The Smooth + Seduce Hydrating Body Cream, joining the base favorites such as That JLo Glow Serum.

Since the time of the article’s publishing, both the body serum and the hydrating cream have been welcomed onto the JLo Beauty website, with both currently on sale for $51, down from the usual $60, for those opting to subscribe and save.

Jennifer Lopez promotes her beauty brand JLo Beauty.
Pic credit: @jlobeauty/Instagram

Jen told fans the products promised to give the wearer a “more radiant, brighter-looking appearance” and “immediate hydration while helping reduce the appearance of skin dimpling and loss of firmness.”

Jennifer Lopez shares her beauty secrets with Vogue

To keep up with promoting her line, Jennifer took her routine to Vogue, doing a step-by-step tutorial of the daily ritual that keeps her skin fresh, glowing, and young.

“I’ve always had a very simple skincare routine, and JLo Beauty was very much about that,” she said.

Jen kicked things off by demonstrating how she uses the JLo Beauty Cleanser, holding the tube up for viewers to see before squeezing some of the liquid into the palm of one hand and rubbing it with her fingertips all over her face.

Discussing her younger days in the industry by denying the early rumors that she “doused” herself in “expensive” products, Jennifer moved on to the JLo Beauty Serum, smoothing it on her cheeks and forehead.

Next, Jennifer moved on to her favorite day cream, the JLo Beauty Hydrating Cream called That Blockbuster.

“It was so important for me to create a day cream that had sunscreen,” she explained.

“…I feel like this was one of the things that was a game changer for me in staying youthful over the years is wearing sunscreen every single day.”

Jen then dabbed a bit of the JLo Beauty eye cream under her eyes and along her forehead to complete her skincare routine before moving on to applying her makeup.

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