Jennifer Lopez sends her dogs after intrusive paparazzi in new lingerie campaign

Jennifer Lopez poses at an event.
Jennifer Lopez showed off new lingerie items for Intimissimi. Pic credit: ©

Jennifer Lopez appeared to get caught red-handed in her newest hilarious campaign ad for Intimissimi, her third plug for the company this year.

The 53-year-old superstar, who has reigned supreme as one of America’s most famous faces in Hollywood for decades, shared another look at her time shooting ads with the lingerie company and her recent post had a flair of humor in it this time.

Starting off showing a gorgeous panoramic view of a cityscape in Italy, the video clip then cut to a shot of Jennifer lounging on a bed in a silken, pink robe and matching pink intimates.

Looking almost more like a scene from a movie rather than a promo ad, Jennifer made the most of her luxurious surroundings as she showcased her vocal talents while singing along to a tune that played on a record in the background.

Seen running her fingers through her long locks and rolling around on the sheets, Jennifer looked as flawless and gorgeous as always while showing off her famous figure in the lacy ensemble.

The plot twist to the peppy ad came when Jennifer suddenly paused her dance time and peered outside the window before stepping onto the terrace to get a closer look at whatever had caught her eye as the sun captured a glint of a camera lens.

Jennifer Lopez sends the paparazzi running for Intimissimi promo ad

As she stared into the bushes in front of her, a man popped up in a striped shirt, pants, and dark shades, going flash-crazy with his camera as he sneakily captured the star in her underwear.

Adding more laughs to the sudden change of pace of the ad, Jennifer appeared to take the intrusion in stride, looking back over her shoulder and whistling to her dogs to go after the paparazzi.

The fluffy canines then came into view as they bravely chased off the photographer while Jennifer was captured one last time, laughing and tossing her head back as she whirled her way around to return to the inside of her Italian villa.

“Italia, Amore, @intimissimiofficial. The new campaign is finally out!” she captioned the fun ad to let fans know the latest drop had arrived online.

Jennifer Lopez stuns in lingerie for Intimissimi collaboration

While the latest ad offered a more humorous look at Jennifer’s comedic skills and posing abilities, the star clearly takes her collab seriously as she has posted other, more straightforward, pics and clips to support the brand.

A dive into the Intimissimi website immediately brings up Jennifer’s newest campaign and the items that go with it. The site description of the latest plug reads, “Discover the dreamy and vibrant essence of an Italian summer with nuances of fuchsia, the orange of the sun and the turquoise of the Mediterranean sea.”

While one might suspect that the prices of each item would be fairly high considering such a huge star like Jennifer is the face of the label, fans could be pleasantly surprised by the cost.

The Pretty Flowers Sofia Balconette Bra that Jennifer donned for the entirety of her recent video is listed at $69, while the matching panties ring up for only $18.

Although having to buy the items separately may still seem daunting to some buyers, fans of Intimissimi could be made to feel better about the cost of the lingerie sets when comparing them to the heftier above-$100 price tags listed on Gigi Hadid’s Frankies Bikinis site.

The newest Intimissimi drop with Jennifer also features bold blue hues in contrast to the fuchsia-infused sets first worn by the singer in the ad, with prices for the bra and underwear items coming in at the same prices as the pink versions.

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