Jennifer Lopez goes glam for cocktail promo

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez stunned for a recent cocktail promo. Pic credit: ©

Triple-threat superstar Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to gorgeous, full-glam fashion, and she recently shared a behind-the-scenes look as she prepared for yet another glamorous day.

Although she’s been known to shoot stunning campaigns for massive brands over her decades in the industry, her latest share was to promote a brand even closer to her heart – Delola.

J.Lo launched Delola in recent weeks and reportedly drew inspiration for the brand from various aspects of her personal life, including her upbringing in the Bronx and her love of Italy.

Considering that J.Lo has kept her schedule packed with a new album set to be released this year, along with the premiere of her hit romantic comedy movie Shotgun Wedding, it’s a wonder she’s got any energy left for her newest endeavor.

But that hasn’t stopped her from moving full throttle into the brand, which included a photo shoot for future promotions.

Taking to her social media, J.Lo gave her followers a look at the other side of the intense marketing required to build another brand.

Jennifer Lopez dazzles with a behind-the-scenes look at promotions for her new alcohol brand

Over on her Instagram, J.Lo shared a multi-part post allowing her fans and followers to get a close look at the glam and elegant outfit she’ll be sporting for new marketing.

In the first share of the post, the mom-of-two was photographed up close, with only the top portion of her ensemble in the frame.

Although her outfit wasn’t completely visible, the angle provided a stunning view of her fabulous makeup.

J.Lo’s full coverage look featured a well-bronzed contour to highlight her bone structure, a bold brow, and matching eyeshadow and lip shades in various lilac hues.

Her hair was slicked back and piled into a neat bun at the crown of her head while her edges remained perfectly laid around her hairline.

In the next shot, the camera pulled away ever so slightly to reveal more of J.Lo’s stellar ensemble as she shared a fierce gaze with the camera. The all-beige look included a satin button-down top, a shimmering maxi skirt, and a set of dazzling suspenders.

The outfit was further embellished with plenty of accessories. Starting from the top, J.Lo sported bold daisy earrings, various diamond bracelets, and multiple statement rings which adorned nearly all of her fingers.

The remaining shots featured other angles of the ensemble, with the last share giving a head-to-toe glance at the outfit in all its glory, including impressive platform heels and a tote bag.

“@Delola Life outfit check ✨?,” the post was captioned along with the tags of her styling team.

J.Lo’s newest brand promo shares the vision for Delola spritzes

J.Lo’s latest business venture is brand new, but that doesn’t mean that plenty of work wasn’t put in beforehand to ensure the quality was up to her exceedingly high standards.

In a social media share from early April, J.Lo dropped the exciting news of the launch with her 242 million followers.

“I have been grinding non-stop for decades,” she explained in the promo video. “And more and more, I realize the importance of enjoying life.”

J.Lo went on to elaborate that her desire for something “better” and her love of the Italian coast inspired the alcohol line as she was constantly searching for something she could drink with her loved ones.

“We really wanted to make something that would set you free,” she gushed.

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