Jennifer Lopez debuts new song Church from Marry Me movie while wearing a sheer bodysuit with a jeweled cross 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez debuts new song Church. Pic credit: ©

Fans of Jennifer Lopez’s music can rejoice as the singer shares a new song inspired by marriage. 

J.Lo dropped a new video on her Instagram page for the song Church. Church is the latest of a string of hits from her newest movie.

The songstress recently starred in the romantic comedy Marry Me with musician Maluma and actor Owen Wilson.

Lopez and Maluma collaborated extensively on the star-studded movie soundtrack. Maluma and Jennifer’s title track Marry Me is a success with fans. Colombian singer Maluma and Jennifer’s Latin roots are apparent in the new songs that have English and Spanish lyrics. 

Jennifer Lopez reveals new song Church from Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez added a video to her Instagram page featuring her new song Church. She wrote for the caption, Let’s go to #ChurchChurchChurch this weekend!!!!” a reference to the song’s title. The Instagram post features Jennifer as she performs in the movie Marry Me. 

The beginning of the video features a clapperboard that says Marry Me, and a director yells action. The camera switches between shots of Jennifer who wears a silver bodysuit and black fitness attire. She performs her song Church to thousands of screaming fans, including Owen Wilson. 

Jennifer wears a sparkly jewel-encrusted number with a cross pattern that covers her cleavage. The outfit also features embellished crosses in sparkles on both shoulders. 

J Lo says to a group of fans about the movie, “I’m so excited for you guys to see the movie, be singing the songs, and falling in love.”

There are clips between her and her onscreen lover, Owen Wilson. The singer also dances with other co-stars in the video.

The Marry Me soundtrack includes new music from Jennifer and Maluma, including two power ballads.

Jennifer Lopez’s new movie Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez stars in Marry Me, a romantic comedy featuring Owen Wilson, Maluma, Jimmy Fallon, and Sarah Silverman. The February release of romantic comedy Marry Me coincided with Valentine’s Day.

J.Lo plays pop superstar Kat Valdez who is in a relationship with musician Bastian played by Maluma. Valdez learns of Bastian’s infidelity and is devastated. The romantic comedy follows Jennifer’s character as she picks up the pieces of a failed relationship. Owen plays her new love interest in the film.

The new Marry Me soundtrack has enjoyed popularity with fans who can now stream the music with Spotify and Apple Music.

Marry Me is out in theaters and is available on Peacock streaming.

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1 year ago

What a freaking disappointment! Seriously Jennifer, why are you sacrilegious! I’ll never tell a soul to see this movie or recommend it to anyone because you made fun of a church, how sacred are our priests, our nuns and the cross . Get dressed! I’m not catholic but millions of your fans are! Show respect! I hope you read this , I feel so sad as a fan