Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Christmas photos are the gift that keep on giving

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez on a swing
Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez spend quite a bit of time together and they share the photos with everyone. Pic credit: @arod/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez had her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez spent the Christmas holiday with her family, which includes her mother, and kids, Max and Emme. They’ve also been taking a lot of photos together and sharing them on Instagram.

After dating for over a year, JLo and ARod appear to be getting pretty serious, and there are rumors that he may be popping the question pretty soon.

First Christmas together

In what is the first of what many fans and insiders feel will be many family Christmases for JLo and ARod, the couple wasn’t at all shy about putting their love for each other on display through numerous photos posted to social media over the holiday.

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JLo and ARod match to a tee

Lopez and Rodriguez are not only being hailed as potentially one of the most powerful Latina Couples in the US, and potentially the world, but they are being called matching souls as well that have finally found each other after enduring rough relationships on each side.

They also have matching jammies, which really made the entire family look like they just stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

The entire photo series of JLo, ARod, and the rest of the family is available on Lopez’s Instagram, along with a number of other holiday photos that have fans hitting the like button by the millions.

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