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Jennifer Lawrence at swimming pool reveals child’s name

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence is posing by the pool and revealing the name and sex of her first child. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Jennifer Lawrence revealed the name and sex of her first child after previously expressing a desire to keep that portion of her life private.

Jennifer graced the October 2022 cover of Vogue and took readers into her Beverly Hills home while opening up about the recent addition to her life. 

Jennifer married Cooke Maroney in 2019, one year after the two began dating. In 2021, she revealed her pregnancy, and in February, news of the birth of Jennifer and Cooke’s first child broke.

However, Jennifer has remained tight-lipped about her child until now.

Jennifer confirmed to Vogue that she had a son and revealed his name.

She shared that she had a son named Cy, after postwar American painter Cy Twombly, one of Cooke’s favorite artists. Cooke is an art dealer, so the name is near and dear to his heart.

Jennifer Lawrence poses poolside with motherhood news

Jennifer posed poolside as she discussed her upbringing in Kentucky and political drama with her family.

She also explained how her life instantly changed after giving birth.

Jennifer revealed, “It’s so scary to talk about motherhood. Only because it’s so different for everybody. If I say, It was amazing from the start, some people will think, It wasn’t amazing for me at first, and feel bad. Fortunately, I have so many girlfriends who were honest.”

Jennifer continued, “The morning after I gave birth, I felt like my whole life had started over. Like, Now is day one of my life. I just stared. I was just so in love. I also fell in love with all babies everywhere.”

The actress mused aloud about how motherhood would impact her acting choices.

She quipped, “So many of my films in the past have been about my mother, my childhood. I wonder what will happen now that I’ll be witnessing somebody else’s childhood.”

Jennifer Lawrence expressed a desire to protect her child

Jennifer told Vanity Fair last fall that she wanted to keep her child out of the spotlight, declining to reveal the gender.

She said, “But every instinct in my body wants to protect their privacy for the rest of their lives, as much as I can. I don’t want anyone to feel welcome into their existence. And I feel like that just starts with not including them in this part of my work.”

Although Jennifer revealed the name and gender of her child, she can still protect her son and keep that portion of her life away from the media.