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Jennifer Garner shows off toned body after big jump

Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner shows off her box jumping skills. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

If there’s one thing actress Jennifer Garner knows in the gym, it’s how to defeat a box jump.

The 13 Going on 30 star, who turned 50 this year, has shown her fans that she has no intentions of slowing down — especially when it comes to hitting her goals with her workouts.

Known to upload “behind-the-scenes” moments from her life on social media, Jennifer recently took to social media with a video that showed her attempting to jump up onto three stacked mats, which had an accumulated height of 33 inches.

With Kanye West’s song Heartless playing in the background amongst a hidden crowd, she first clapped her hands and hyped herself up to attempt the first jump — which she landed on her knees.

“That’s very tall,” she joked.

In the second attempt, she successfully jumped high enough and landed feet-first on the blocks as the bystanders cheered in the background.

Jennifer Garner lands her big jump in recent workout video

While rocking a pair of camouflage print leggings and a black tank, Jennifer struck a pose for the camera and then continued to land the jump again for her third go.

“33” is very tall,” she wrote in her caption.

Many of her followers, along with her personal trainer Beth Nicely, chimed in to show that they were impressed with Garner’s jumping skills. “The showgirl pose in a bevel😍 You are the cutest beast there ever was [heart emoji,]” Beth wrote.

Beth's comment on Jennifer's post
Pic credit: @jennifer.garner/Instagram

Beth has also taken to her own Instagram account to share videos alongside Garner, specifically with a clip of the two doing intricate footwork while box jumping.

“Just trying to keep up with @jennifer.garner,” Beth wrote in a post earlier this year.

Jennifer Garner’s trainer dishes on the actress’ work ethic

While speaking with Shape, Jennifer’s trainer Beth said the two have been working together for years, and the duo’s shared love of dance is what connects them most in the gym.

“[Garner] likes to work really hard, she’s very, very strong,” Beth said. “I consider her a professional athlete in what she’s capable of physically. We both love to dance, we both love to work hard, I think it’s a good combination.”

One of the things Jennifer’s trainer does most often in the gym is referred to as “The Circuit,” which includes five rounds of eight box jumps, 40 jump rope jumps, and 16 jumps over a mini-trampoline with a 10-pound medicine ball in hand.

Beth said that her ultimate goal was to have her trainees accomplish the workout in under three minutes — a goal that Jennifer has crushed multiple times.

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