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Jennifer Aniston soaks up the sun in a bikini, says ‘Take us back’

Jennifer Aniston attends an event.
Jennifer Aniston posted a rare glimpse of her swim body while enjoying a vacation. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Jennifer Aniston appeared to be enjoying a little downtime as she and some friends soaked up the sunshine while frolicking on a tropical island retreat.

The Friends alum and Murder Mystery star, 53, caught some rays while vacationing on what appeared to be an island, complete with all the lush greenery and blue waters that might come with a jaunt somewhere beyond the shores of America.

Seen rocking a black bikini top with spaghetti straps and mismatched pink bottoms, Jennifer glowed as she posed alongside pals Amanda Anka, who is married to Jen’s The Switch and Horrible Bosses co-star, actor Jason Bateman, and The Stand co-founder Becky Wright-McDonald.

Jason could be seen further into Jennifer’s Instagram share, looking to have a good time while sitting on the porch wearing a wide-brimmed straw hat, a white t-shirt, and khaki shorts as he smiled and typed on a laptop that rested on his outstretched legs.

Jennifer showed off her svelte and toned figure as she posed for some snaps while bikini-clad, seen at one point fully laid out in the sun, her flat abs and lean legs on display as she worked on her summer tan.

In another shot, Jen propped herself up on her stomach, pushing her torso up to give a little smile to the camera while showing off her upper half.

Later, the actress posed hip-to-hip with Amanda as she sported a flowy blue dress with a plunging neckline as Jason’s wife donned a cute, white linen dress with a brown bag slung over one shoulder.

Jennifer captioned the series with, “Take us back,” alluding to the fact that the snaps had perhaps been taken at an earlier time in the summer and were perhaps not current to the month of August, though details on the timing of the photos were left unspecified.

Jennifer Aniston gets backlash from fans over pandemic ornament

Despite being one of the most popular and well-known actresses in the world today, Jennifer is not exempt from experiencing the wrath of fans on occasion.

Back in 2020, Jen received backlash from fans on Twitter after she posted her new Christmas ornament, a decoration in the shape of a tree that had the word “Our First Pandemic 2020” engraved on it.

According to Monsters and Critics, followers were quick to criticize the actress for sharing her new decor, with one person writing, “It must be fun being a celebrity that has millions in the bank and not worrying about losing your job/livelihood etc…People have died and we are still living through it. Hundreds of thousands of people have died and are still dying from this.”

Another user shared their thoughts, adding, “… all celebrities have done during this pandemic is show how out of touch and just f*****g oblivious they are to anything that doesn’t have to do with them. Some people’s entire family have died but at least Aniston is showing how quirky she can be.”

Jennifer Aniston reveals her workout secrets

In a 2021 interview with InStyle, Jennifer shared some of her workout secrets as she stole the cover of the magazine for their August edition last year.

“I try to,” The Morning Show actress said when asked if she exercises daily.

“I had an injury last fall and I was only able to do Pilates, which I absolutely love,” she said. “But I was missing that kind of sweat when you just go for it. I’m going back to my 15-15-15, which is a 15-minute spin, elliptical, run. And then just old school: I can chase myself around a gym. I need some kind of movement, even if it’s just 10 minutes a day on a trampoline.”

Jen later added that she won’t turn down a fun drink now and then, saying that her favorite is “a margarita — clean, no sugar — or a dirty martini.”