Jennifer Aniston shares the secret to getting her great hair

Jennifer Aniston attends a premiere.
Jennifer Aniston showed off her gorgeous complexion while demonstrating her hair care ritual. Pic credit: © 

Jennifer Aniston shared a rare glimpse into her personal beauty ritual while plugging her hair care brand LolaVie.

The former Friends star and current The Morning Show actress, who fronts the hit TV show alongside Reese Witherspoon, hopped online to give followers a look at her routine for a rare share.

Showing off her luxurious bathroom, Jen looked far younger than her 53 years as she stood in a bathrobe, appearing fresh from the shower.

With her tresses already looking gorgeous in beachy waves and golden highlights, Jen stood in front of a mirror for her demonstration, holding up a bottle of what looked to be the LolaVie hair oil.

Smiling as she turned her head to the side, Jennifer squeezed some drops into her palm and pursed her lips together before going to work on her locks.

Starting off on one side of her hair, Jen scrunched her hands into the ends of her strands and quickly ran her fingers from the roots down.

She then swiftly switched to the other side, performing the same actions to give her ‘do a complete workup.

Lastly, Jen flipped the top half of her hair over her face to get coverage on her crown.

The actress finished off the fun clip with some hair tosses and smiles, throwing her hands up to the sides of her face for a little shrug.

Jennifer Aniston starts up LolaVie haircare

While her acting career has kept the star busy over the last three decades, Jen has joined the ranks of other celebrities who have chosen to add to their resumes by dabbling in fashion or beauty.

Choosing beauty for her side path away from being in front of the cameras, Jen started up her own hair care line, LolaVie, just over a year ago.

Opening up with People, Jen shared her excitement about creating her own line, telling the magazine she had wanted to create her beauty brand for a long time.

“I got the bug [to go] behind the curtain and figure out development of hair products years ago,” she said.

Enlisting the help of her fragrance line cohorts Amy Sachs and Joel Ronkin, Jen was able to get her hair line up and running, subsequently adding the duo onto the project as her co-founders.

“Right now it’s hair, but there’s all sorts of ideas cooking in my brain. I don’t see any limits to anything,” Jen said, hinting at possible releases to come.

Jennifer Aniston is an Aveeno ambassador

Not one to place all her eggs in one basket, Jennifer has been an ambassador for her favorite face cream brand Aveeno for years.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Jen credited her supple, youthful complexion with her daily use of Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, saying she began applying it as a teenager and got hooked.

She loves it so much that she admitted to keeping extra bottles nearly everywhere she frequents, including her car and all her bathrooms.

Jen added that she never overwashed her face or tried out every single beauty trend, preferring to stick with products she knows work for her skin.

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