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Jennifer Aniston nude photo sale: Actress to auction off iconic photo for charity

actress jennifer aniston to auction nude photo
Jennifer Aniston has teamed up to auction off an iconic nude photo for charity. Pic credit: ©

An iconic Jennifer Aniston nude photo sale will take place in order to raise funds for COVID-19 relief efforts.

The television and movie actress will see her classic photo from the 1990s go up for auction along with portraits of several other celebrities for the cause.

Jennifer Aniston nude photo to go to auction

Back in the 90s, Jennifer Aniston became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood thanks to her appearance in movies and on the hit sitcom Friends.

The former Friends sitcom star appeared in an iconic black and white photo in 1995 taken by photographer Mark Seliger. It shows Aniston sitting with one leg crossed over the other to cover her up for a tasteful image.

Many people are familiar with that image who have followed Aniston’s career, and even those who haven’t. Aniston and Seliger are hoping it helps with COVID relief.

Aniston posted about the auction with a series on her official Instagram account.

“My dear friend @markseliger teamed up with @radvocacy and @christiesinc to auction 25 of his portraits – including mine – for COVID-19 relief…,” Aniston said of the auction of her photo.

“100% of sales proceeds of this portrait will go to @NAFClinics, an organization which provides free coronavirus testing and care nationwide to the medically underserved,” Aniston wrote.

“Thank you again to Mark for allowing me to be part of this.”

Rita Wilson, who was reported to have become infected with coronavirus along with husband Tom Hanks, also commented. “Beautiful photo! Beautiful babe,” Wilson said.

Other celebs involved with COVID relief

In addition to the iconic Jennifer Aniston nude photo, there will be items at the auction for actor Leonardo DiCaprio and singer Billie Eilish, per UK’s Daily Mail.

The report from the Daily Mail of the UK also indicated that portraits of rap icons Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg will also be a part of the auction.

In addition to the auction, celebrities have been doing what they can to donate to the cause of COVID relief. Several sports athletes, actors, musicians, and other celebs have donated money to various relief efforts. In the NBA, several players or team owners even paid money to aid those who lost their jobs at team arenas.

That included heralded rookie Zion Williamson who announced he was going to pay salaries of arena workers who were unemployed due to the season being suspended.

A separate report on Monday also indicated that media mogul Oprah Winfrey was donating $12 million to COVID relief. Winfrey reportedly donated through her foundation to underserved communities in Chicago, Baltimore, Nashville, Milwaukee, and Kosciusko, Mississippi.

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