Jennie Marie: Who is the psychic behind Mama Medium?

Jennie Marie Cancelmi doing a reading on Mama Medium
Jennie Marie gives a reading on Mama Medium. Pic credit: TLC

Mama Medium debuts on TLC tonight, introducing viewers to psychic medium Jennie Marie.

As well as being gifted with “the extraordinary ability to talk to the dead”, according to the network, she is also said to be able to “connect with people who are otherwise incapable of communicating for themselves”.

That apparent ability means her show will be bringing something different to the table, and should help Mama Medium stand out among other programs in a similar vein.

But who is Jennie Marie, whose full name is Jennie Marie Cancelmi? As her “Mama Medium” title suggests, she is a mother — and three of her four boys also have apparent gifts like their mom.

She lives in Rochester, New York, and is married, but reportedly did not tell her husband about her “gifts” when they first tied the knot, instead waiting until the children began exhibiting similar signs.

Jennie Marie describes herself as a “Clairvoyant Empathetic Psychic Medium” — meaning she is a medium, a psychic and an empath — as well as a “normalish mother and wife”.

Meanwhile, TLC calls her a “doting wife and mother with a larger-than-life personality”.

Jennie Marie is a fourth-generation clairvoyant and is well-known in upstate New York. She helps people communicate with loved ones who have died and have already “transitioned”, but also with those who can’t communicate for themselves after a life-altering incident of some kind.

Examples shown on the first season of Mama Medium include Jennie helping siblings communicate with their mom who is in a semi-vegetative state, and helping a family with a non-verbal son — leading to him speaking for the first time in eight years.

Jennie can be found on both Twitter and Facebook, and she also has her own website.

TLC said: “Jennie can, quite literally, feel people’s energy and tell them what they’re thinking, and her premonition is that the audience will be smiling through their tears at this heartwarming and uplifting show.”

Mama Medium airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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