Jenna Ortega shares behind-the-scenes snaps from SNL

jenna ortega selfie
Jenna Ortega showed a BTS at SNL. Pic credit: @jennaortega/Facebook

She may have played Wednesday Addams, but Jenna Ortega truly came alive on Saturday.

Specifically, the actress shined as NBC’s Saturday Night Live host. Jenna’s hosting gig was well-received by fans and critics alike, with many praising her comedic skills and stage presence.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise Jenna wanted to continue reliving the epic moment.

Reliving the experience was precisely what Jenna did, delighting her followers with a three-part carousel that showcased her experiences on the show.

As Jenna’s 40.8 million followers learned, there was more than met the eye at the NBC show.

The carousel included shots of her dressing room and behind-the-scenes moments with the cast and crew.

Jenna Ortega shares BTS moment from SNL gig

The first picture showed Jenna with her hands clasped as she stood on the arm of a couch. Pictures of the New York City skyline decorated the background leaving no question about where Jenna was. 

The actress rocked her head-to-toe black, a signature look, as she waited anxiously. 

In the second image, Jenna’s hair and makeup team put the finishing touches on one of her looks for Saturday Night Live. Jenna looked expressively at the camera as she let the glam squad get to work. 

Jenna concluded the three-part carousel with a hair and makeup selfie from backstage, showing work well done all around. 

In a caption accompanying the post, Jenna expressed her gratitude to the cast and crew for their help pulling off the show terrifically. She also highlighted how important the experience was to her.

Jenna’s caption read, “Backstage at snl. Such a cool experience. I’m just feeling really grateful towards everyone who played a part in making it happen, the funny people in New York, my beautiful hmu team. Crazy time.”

Around the same time as the SNL post, Jenna blessed fans with another share, marking two in one day.

Jenna Ortega promotes Neutrogena

Jenna’s second share of the day served as a promotion for Neutrogena.

The You actress became a brand ambassador for Neutrogena — a wise decision for the cosmetics company. 

The choice to employ Jenna paid off because the 20-year-old has used her extensive social media platform to advertise Neutrogena in the past.

For the latest post, Jenna shared the wonders of Neutrogena makeup remover.

Since the actress wore a lot of blood to play Wednesday Addams, she needed a makeup remover that could take on stage makeup.

Jenna shared a picture rocking the fake blood, then a shot of Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Towelettes for a job well done.

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